Member Of European Parliament Calls For Immediate, Safe Release of Nnamdi Kanu From Detention(VIDEO)|The Republican News


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Member of European Parliament, Julie Ward

Many, especially leaders or members of  governments around the globe are beginning to join the call for the release of the detained director of Radio Biafra, Prince Nnamdi Kanu.

The new enterant to the list is a member of the European Parliament  Julie Ward MEP, from Labour Party, North West of England. In  her charged but in a usual calm culture of British parliamentary presentation to the European parliament, she read out reasons Nnamdi Kanu and co-defendants are unlawfully detained by the Nigerian Secret security service, DSS.

She said that though all criminal charges against him have been dropped by the court order issued for him to be released, he and his co-accused are still since October 2015 being detained.

In her own word:  “chapter 4 section 39 of the Nigerian Constitution says that every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinion and to receive and impart ideas and informations without interference”

“I therefore call on the president of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari to ensure his safe and secure release as well as his co-defendants Benjamin Madubugwu and David Noah”.

She further said that “the Nigerian government must guarrantee the freedom of expression of all Nigerian citizens, including their right to protest without intimidation and end violence against those indentified as Biafrans”.

“And I call on my colleagues her in the European Parliament to do much more to promote human rights in Nigeria” she added.

If anyone does not see this as a very strong message coming from such high authority as the European parliament, that would be a very dangerous line of thought. Sooner than later as she called on her fellow members of the European parliament to join in the call, many will indeed join her and we could even either see the release of these folks or there could be consequences for Nigeria or the government of Buhari.

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