Shocking Truth About African Corrupt Politics Exposed By Prof. Plo Lumumba (VIDEO) |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor

He speaks with a very unique knack and candour of a professor and a critic. He is indeed  endowed with oratory endowment. He has become the new face of African renaissance and sociopolitical critic.

Some may have watched some of his videos where he has delivered speeches about Africa in his usual but unique thundering and captivating Queen’s English style spiced with African finesse.

Here, in this video, which is going viral on the social media, he brought to light the root cause of failure of African political leadership.

“In Africa, the shortest route to ill-gotten wealth is political leadership”, he said.  He further said “if you want to get wealth without working for it at all, join African politics.

And that is the truth in everywhere in Africa except in some very few places and he mentioned Tanzania as the exception due to the election of the incumbent President Mr John Jairo Pungo Magufuli.

This president has singlehandedly transformed how political leadership should be or look like in country and the echo is beginning to resonate around Africa. He has become an iconic leader in the present African leadership dispensation, when younger Africans are asking burning questions about failures of leadership in African and its concomitant effects on economic degradation in the continent.

African continent, though abundantly blessed with human, mineral resources, and wonderful climate and arable land mass and abundance of water, is still very poor and depends on aids from outside the continent.


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