Man Bought His Dog Eight iPhone 7s Which Costs $1,047 Each


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Man bought his dog eight iPhone 7s


How best would you show love to your dog, considering that dogs are thought to be man’s best friend? A special treat? Maybe some juicy bones from your favourite butcher’s shop?

Well, for Coco, an Alaskan malamute owned by Wang Sicong, son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, an eight new iPhone 7s release would do just fine.

According to a post on the dog’s verified Weibo account, China’s version of Twitter, the phones were bought on the day of release.

An iPhone in China costs $1,047, while the larger iPhone 7 Plus goes for $1,197.According to CNN, this is not the first time Sicong, who is popularly referred to as ‘The nation’s husband’ in China for being single, would buy expensive items for the dog.

in 2015, he attracted widespread condemnation in China after posting photos of the dog wearing two Apple Watches with luxury bands worth upwards of $37,000. The Guardian

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