Gross Human Rights Abuses By Nigerian Security Forces (VIDEO)|The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor |Editor   | (VIDEO BELOW)

Whenever the international community speaks about human rights abuses by Nigerian security forces, some Nigerians especially the ruling class or elites and their accomplices are readily eager to exonerate and defend these atrocities. But now and then video evidences of these terrible and disgusting abuses always make their ways to the public.

In this video below, one could see the profane act of the Nigerian security forces on Nigerian citizens. Even if these folks committed any crime whatsoever, are these gross human rights violations warranted as penalty for their crimes.

A sane look at this video would reveal to anyone the gross unprofessionalism that are found within the Nigerian military forces. These officers are undoubtedly sadists, unprofessional and have incredibly no regard to ethics in their services as military officers.

It is indeed a show of shame and a blatant display of crude and uncivilized attitude by any officers of any military establishment, how much more for a country military that try though without success, to portray itself as professionals.

These cases are not one-off issue or case, they are indeed a culture within the military forces in Nigeria. The Republican News will be serialising on these gross human rights violations by Nigerian security forces, any time we get our hands on these abuses.

The Republican News has in the past written some articles on some of the daily cases of these acts of human rights violations by  security forces. They do not care if they are hapless women, children and girls or elderly people, even the physically challenged individuals.

These Nigerian security officers are merciless, grossly unprofessional, wicked and extremely mean. They kill innocent civilians without asking questions. Extra-judicial killings are common sights and questions are never asked afterwards, and inquiries are non-existent.

The culture is so rampant that even the high-ranking officers permit them or turn blind eyes to them while these go on unabated. The video here is a mere pinhole view of what transpires daily in the lives of ordinary Nigerians who fall victims to these unprofessional military folks. It is indeed sad and very disgusting to say the least.

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