PDP Demands President Buhari’s Resignation Over Poor Performance


By Azimazi Momoh Jimoh and Adamu Abuh Abuja   |  

President Muhammadu Buhari• Blames APC for high cost of living
• Insists ‘body language ‘ has failed
• Opposition irresponsible, says ruling party

Fuming at what it called crass ineptitude and lukewarm attitude of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday asked President Muhammadu Buhari to quit office along with his cabinet members.

Reacting, the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the ruling APC, Mr Timi Frank, described the call as irresponsible.

Frank wondered why the PDP would have the audacity to make such a call when it was trite knowledge that it plunged the country into the current economic mess.

He said : “I am surprised the PDP is calling on Buhari to quit his position. This is a party that had all the opportunity to lift this country to a high level of development but yet it frittered all the opportunities that came the way of the country over the years.“You could see the evidence of their level of irresponsibility from the startling revelation over the arms procurement scandal, the pilferage of our commonwealth over the years. No reasonable person would take such an irresponsible action seriously. President Buhari is right on course and will surely deliver on his electoral promises.”

In a statement issued yesterday evening by PDP spokesman, , the party noted that the continued failure of the Federal Government to arrest the country’s drifting economy was gradually resulting in a depression.

The party decried the statement by the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun that “Recession is a word” as either “a result of ignorance, lack of patriotism or in line with President Buhari’s comment that his ministers are noise makers.

“For the record, ‘Recession’ is characterized as a period of negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters, given rise to high rate of unemployment, fall in output, increase in government borrowing, etc. Following this understanding, Nigeria’s economy is already near depression. The crass ineptitude and lukewarm attitude of this APC government is no longer tolerable, and therefore, we are calling on President Buhari and his team to return Nigeria to its state of booming economy before they assumed office in May, 2015, and then quit immediately to allow other capable leaders recover our ailing economy”.

The PDP lamented that “about three airlines, local and international, like some banks, have suspended operations and sent their staff on indefinite leave due to the poor state of the Nigeria’s economy. Nigerians are aware that the PDP Government invested heavily in most of our airports in the country that resulted in obvious ‘facelift’ and improved operations through remodeling, construction of new airports, refurbishing and equipping of the local and international airports to meet best practices in the Aviation Industry. But the APC’s Administration has frittered away all the good policies and programmes which the PDP put in place, thereby crumbling the Aviation Sector in the country amongst other catastrophes it has caused.”

The opposition party continued: “What Nigerians want from this Administration are results, simple! And not resorting to throwing tantrums on the PDP at every given
opportunity. Our call for the President to return the country to how he met it in 2015 is justified on the following grounds: a bag of rice was N7,000 and now is above N20,000; a mudu of beans was N150 and now is N500; one US Dollar was trading for N197 but now over N400; a liter of fuel was N87 but now N145; cost of transportation and other services has skyrocketed. Given our observation since the inception of this government, they have nothing to offer and as such, quitting will be a solution because nobody can give what he/she does not have. APC has failed.”

The PDP called on Nigerians to recall President Buhari’s purported “body language” at the beginning of his administration and re-iterated that governance is a serious business and not about someone’s “body language” and “de-marketing strategies of the president while globetrotting.”“When this government came to power in May 2015 riding on the achievements of previous PDP Administration, President Buhari’s handlers and his party, the APC claimed it was his ‘body language’ that brought some positive changes the country was witnessing at that time; so we want to know, what are the results of the so-called ‘body language’?”Adeyeye queried.

The party insisted that the earlier the president and his team quit, the better for the country . “There is no better time than now to make this call for the president to return the country to how he met it and quit, or right away quit for a more experienced team to take over,” the PDP declared. The Guardian

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