Fr. Mbaka’s Says Buhari’s Has Same People Who Destroyed Nigeria In His Government


From Geoffrey Anyanwu, Awka

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Rev.Fr. Mbaka


Enugu Catholic priest, and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu State, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has said President Muhammadu Buhari currently works with some people who do not want him to succeed in office and are desperate to pull him down.
Mbaka has been one of Buhari’s  most vocal supporters since he asked Nigerians to reject former president Goodluck Jonathan in the run-up to the 2015 presidential election. The priest also said it was too early to give Buhari’s regime a dispassionate assessment, saying Nigerians should give the President more time.
The Enugu-based cleric said the reason the country was yet to experience the real change being midwifed by Buhari was that some strategic positions were still manned by the same people who milked the country dry in the past.
He said the president was not totally free from the grip of those who ran the country aground in the past.
Mbaka, who spoke to newsmen in Enugu during the graduation of Niger Delta youths, who trained at Innoson Plastic Factory under Federal Government’s Amnesty Programme, said: “The government we are experiencing is not yet a Buharinised government.
“Many people who are in different strategic positions are still the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) people and Buhari may not even know and even some people who are working around him are working to pull him down.
“Buhari means well, Buhari is a good man, Buhari is God-sent for this country but, I am telling you that there are crocodiles in the fish pond.
“Buhari may not know that he is feeding not the fish in the fishpond but crocodiles that are even feeding on the fishes!”
He urged Nigerians to be prayerful to counter the activities of those he said were plotting to break the country and take over power. Mbaka had, a month ago come down hard on the Buhari regime, saying there was hunger in the land and that the President may not get the nod of Nigerians to get another term in office if the trend continued.
He added: “Nigerians should go on their knees and pray for divine intervention because apart from God, we are going to see horrible things. The way these people are ganging up, they want to break Nigeria and take over power and take us back to where we were coming from. I pray it shall be well with Nigeria and it shall be well with Nigerians.”
The cleric, who predicted the victory of Buhari in the 2015 presidential election, said he was yet to see the change he wants in Nigeria through the present government.
“I am talking about change from corruption to moral probity, a time Nigeria will become a country that is worthy of emulation, that internationally when you mention Nigeria, Nigerians shall begin to smile. I am talking about change that is beyond embezzlement of funds meant for the development of the people and country. Only few people who call themselves politicians will be stealing the money and whatever they are doing with it nobody knows.
“The poor masses are dying and they are enriching themselves wickedly calling themselves politicians, so, such team of people should be changed and if some of them are still remaining and they want to come back, I still pray that the broom of God will sweep them out because Nigeria must move forward.
“These people are wicked, they are not Nigerians per say, I don’t know where their blood came from because they are not representing us; they are representing themselves and the devil that is using them.
“If you know the pattern of their regime, the way they move and the way they truncate the activities that will be for the wellness of the poor masses, you’ll know that some of them are possessed and they need deliverance before they enter that seat.”
He, however, said it was too early to assess President Buhari and asked Nigerians to give the Buhari government the chance to implement its change agenda.
Praying for the liberation of Nigeria, the Catholic clergyman said: “I pray that our authentic emancipation, what we call change will be supernaturally propelled because right now you can see the hand writing everywhere, many people are complaining of hunger but the hunger is not Buhari engendered.
“Many are complaining that Buhari has not started changing everything, Buhari is not a magician.
“Like I used to tell people, somebody had been cooking in the kitchen for six years and he did not feed us well and just few months ago, somebody entered the same kitchen and all of us want him to cook a very wonderful delicious soup whereby his water is still in the pot. He has not started putting ingredients and people are testing the water and saying he cannot cook well. Let us give him a chance to pour the whole ingredients into the pot and when he is done with cooking, we can now judge him.
“It is too early to judge a man who has just entered few months ago, remember, even the budget is being attacked, padding or no padding and some people want to baptise criminal fraudulent machination with the name padding as a non criminal offence. So, when you steal money that is in billions, it is padding and that one is a no offence?
“But catch a poor man that steals a phone of N20, 000, he will be burnt alive.”   The Sun

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