BIAFRA: Their Religious Beliefs Were Never Tampered, Never Conquered Until European’s Incursion (VIDEO)

By Ike A. Offor

It is unavoidable not to hear or perceive the passion in Prince Nnamdi Kanu’s voice when he speaks about Biafra and Igbo history. His voice is filled so much with passion about Biafran history, her people and the torments they have gone through in the hands of successive governments of Nigeria or in the hands of the Europeans.

The negligence and marginalisation the region has suffered under successive governments except to less degree under that of President Goodluck Jonathan, is immeasurable.

The Biafran region is the only part of Africa that never went out to conquer fellow Africans or regions or neighbours surrounding it and were never conquered by any empires around it. This was an untarnished record until the Europeans came in and attacked the seat of spiritual temple of the Igbos.

The Igbos were never conquered by any neighbours and they never went out to conquer any neighbours. The Igbos had their holy temple and place where they went for religious pilgrimage in Aro Chukwu (Arrow of God or Knowledge of God), and it was the very first place the British attacked and conquered.


Truth the Igbo say is life (eziokwu bu ndu) and according to Nnamdi Kanu in this video the incursion of lies led to the conquering and suffering of the Igbos in the present day Nigeria. The first incursion of lies into Igbo or Biafran region was the deception to engage in slave trade. That led to the downfall of the region.

This is indeed one of the reasons a free and sovereign Biafra will be a peaceful country. The inhabitants of Biafra or the related cousins that make up Biafra have never engaged in any war against each other. Something that is never found in other regions of the present day Nigeria.

There is no history of war by Biafrans against their fellow Biafrans and they have lived for hundreds of thousands of years without warring against each other. They have intermarried and traded with each other peaceably throughout their history.

This is indeed a very unique piece of their history. What does that portends? The answer is  contained in response to some very sceptical Nigerians, who literally hates to hear about Biafran sovereignty and propose or wish them war like in South Sudan after independence.

The no-war history among  Biafrans did not only come from the inter-familial relationship between them but it shows the unique spiritual characteristics of the people. They are very hardworking people, extremely industrious but extremely and impeccably  peace-loving people who hate to shed blood of their neighbours or cousins or that of others. This is why Biafra would be a very peaceful country that will only grow without a shadow of doubt.



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