All South East States In Top 10 WAEC Results, While Bottom States Are From The North

By Ike A. Offor

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It arouses curiosity to see the results of the recent West African Examination Council for various states in the country. A very quick check on the students who performed very well would reveal some stark difference between the value attached to education by different states within the federation.

The students from South East of the country seem to consistently  perform best among their peers in the entire country. If that is something to be happy about or to frown at depends on who you are talking to in the country. The students from South-South states have lately joined in the top rung of the performance list.

To a great degree, how the student performed in the just released result could perhaps be deemed to be directly proportional to the feasible reforms and encouragements given to students to perform well within various states.


WAEC RESULTS 2016 State-By-State League Table

[GROUP A STATES] • Abia -1st • Anambra -2nd • Edo -3rd • Rivers -4th • Imo -5th • Lagos -6th • Bayelsa -7th • Delta -8th • Enugu -9th • Ebonyi -10th

[GROUP B STATES] • Ekiti -11th • Kaduna – 12th • Ondo -13th • Abuja -14th • Kogi -15th • Benue -16th • Akwa Ibom -17th • Kwara -18th • Ogun -19th • Cross River -20th

[GROUP C STATES] • Taraba -21st • Plateau -22nd • Nasarawa -23rd • Kano -24th • Borno -25th • Oyo -26th • Niger -27th • Adamawa -28th • Osun -29th • Sokoto -30th • Bauchi -31st • Kebbi -32nd • Katsina -33rd • Gombe -34th • Jigawa -35th • Zamfara -36th • Yobe – 37th

A meticulous gaze at the result and some sort of analysis would reveal that five states within South East and South-South occupied the entire top 10 of that list.  Apart from Edo, Delta and Lagos states the rest of the top 10, grouped as class or group A states, are occupied by old Eastern states  or some would describe as  South East and South-South states.

Anambra, Abia and Imo states have been very consistent in their performances for a very long time now. Another state that has now joined the performing states is Ebonyi. Ogun and Imo state used to be a top performing states in a history of academic performance in Nigeria, while Imo kept to its old glory, Ogun state has been relegated to the 19th position.

So, another question could be, irrespective of all incentives given by federal government via its policies, why is the North consistently at the lowest rung of the result tables.

Is the quota system which favours greater support for education in the North  than in the South still a sensible policy or something that should be looked into or stopped entirely? Perhaps, better ways must be devised to enforce better education in the North, than increasing investment while getting poor examination results.

Perhaps, these are questions that should be answered by the educators and administrators and state governors in the North. Also, it is not all uhuru yet in the entire country, since it is assumed that the standard of education needs to be brought to the what it used to be in the past.

While the states in old Eastern region or South East or South-South may rejoice about the WAEC results with regards to the performance of their students, the rest of South West except  Lagos and the majority of the states in the North have a lot of works to do.

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