BIAFRA: A Disclaimer By The Lower Niger Congress, 12th Auguts, 2016

Please, be all informed that the claim of ENDORSEMENT BY THE LOWER NIGER CONGRESS made in the statement issued by one Anthony Aniebue on behalf of the so-called “Customary Government of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra” is completely false as the Lower Niger Congress never endorsed the said “Customary Government”. 

On the contrary and for the avoidance of doubt, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), in course of its routine consultations and enlightenment meetings with persons and Organizations that approach it, had upon being approached by the aforementioned, Anthony Aniebue, pointedly and expressly rejected the socalled “Customary Government” proposal as presented by its proponents, for the simple reason that the said “Customary Government”, according to its proponents, would function under the so-called “1999 Constitution” of Nigeria which the LNC rejects as a fraud, and had since 2007, commissioned the decisive termination of the document’s operation as the basis of the Union of Nigeria in the Federal High Court. 

Furthermore, even in its strict non-partisanship, the LNC’s reading of the open partisan involvement of the chief proponent of the so-called “Customary Government”, Dr. Dozie Ikedife, in the 2015 general elections when he openly called on the Easterners to vote for a party that openly despises and antagonizes the East, reinforces the cloud of a sinister motive, inimical to the prevailing Selfdetermination mood and pursuit of that East. 

This attempt to drag the name of the Lower Niger Congress into the charade of “Customary Government” by claiming a nonexistent endorsement, is perceived by the LNC as a gambit in the desperate bid to seek legitimacy, and accordingly warns the promoters of the “Customary Government” sham to leave the LNC out of its shenanigans. 

For future reference, please note that the official communications of the Lower Niger Congress on all important subjects can be verified on the LNC website, particularly the NOTICE BOARD therein. 

Issued this 12th day of August, 2016 

Tony Nnadi 
Lower Niger Congress.

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