Should We Still Hope For Change? -By Adedayo Osho

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They were hoping for a better life. Thinking their life will never be the same under a Change canopy. We made them realise the Cowboy government had raped them in public. The treasury and our commonwealth has been mismanaged. No external forces can rescue this country from the brink of collapse except you and I. The philosophy or wrong belief that Nigeria can never be great again is an understatement. Ejo, e dibo fun Buhari l’ojo Saturday {please vote for Buhari come Saturday}.

What’s on your mind about my campaign for Buhari? share with me and I will convey to necessary channels, I ask one woman surrounded by her children, all of them looking unkempt in front of their house at Jankara, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos. Are new governments any better than their previous in Nigeria? she replied, then I lowered to explain certain ways by which a specific government could deviate from the shady ways of the past and operate with transparency. Fast turning to reality 15-month into the Change tenure that it seems all hope is lost.

We gave electorates cogent reasons to vote, only for a man of integrity, Muhammadu Buhari, avoiding any mention of the party, APC, since many were aware of antecedents of those who aligned to form it. The same man we propagated is now being excoriated. Take it or leave it, public opinion is not favourable to the Daura Lord, unlike what was obtainable in August 2015, a year ago and after 4-month he seized power from the hand of the Ijaw Hero.

But the deed has been done. And now, our improvised masses, it seems, they need swift Godly intervention to survive. Come 2019, campaign manifesto and themes will shift from headings like Change, Hope, Restoration, to Miracle, Wonders or Magic. So it is thought-provoking to ask when: when will this politicians’ deception end in Nigeria?

By December, many of us political analysts would have given up on this government. Knowing full 2019 general election will be conducted in Q1 {first quarter of the year}, the race to retain or seize power begins maximum two years before expiration of any tenure. No serious politician prepare late for forthcoming elections.

Why must the economy be this bad? Is it that the likes of living phenomenal such as former Presidential aspirant, Pat Utomi, is out of reach, or my respected economists, Tope Fasua, Herbert Wigwe, Dimeji Bankole, Alex Otti, Seyi Odetola, Ibrahim Dankwambo, Tony Elumelu and Umar Mutallab will spurn invitation of national service?

Look, at that time Mexico’s economy faced quagmire in the late 80s up to early 90s, what saved Mexicans back home was ‘Remittance’ from abroad. Relatives, majority working in USA keep sending dollars to save their starving families. You see your yeye policy now? It is a total anti-balanced-diet policy for CBN to allow only Moneygram, Ria and Western Union to operate foreign money transfer.

Tell us your problems and our erudite will salvage you. No, don’t tell us. Many of us are already aware the Buhari presidency is inexperienced to administer the economy. But you fail to realise that economic stability is the foundation of political and social stability. Is there any harbinger that Change will be achieved anytime before 2019?

After all your wards have been appointed, secretly, in juicy institutions, the lot of N-Power boys and girls, the primary school pupils you promised free meal are waiting for their peanut share of the Change.

– Adedayo Osho

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