BREAKING NEWS: Killing Of A Girl, An Elderly Woman By Hausa Man Has Triggered Mass Killing Of Hausas In Akokwa In Imo

By Ike A. Offor

The elderly woman killed by the Hausa gateman

There is a very serious rampage in Akokwa town, the home town of Gov. Rochas Okororcha of Imo state.

Reportedly a Hausa security man pursued a girl who was hawking a puff puff into a house  but an elderly woman intervened and begged him to leave the girl. The Hausa man rather took hold of a shovel and hacked both the girl and the elderly woman to death.

Thereafter, someone raised an alarm and angry mob of resident youths then pursued the Hausa man and hacked him to death and set  his body ablaze. Then, the angry youths went further to kill more Hausa men.

The number of casualties has climbed to seven, that includes 5 Hausa men killed in reprisal attack and a girl and an elderly  woman killed by the Hausa gateman.

There is security officers on the ground now to stop the rampanging Akokwa youths, who complained that they have had enough of Hausa and Fulani men letting the blood of their people at every slightest provocation.

Several Hausa and Fulani residents have fled the town in their numbers.



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