Rev.Fr. Mbaka Urges Buhari To Concentrate On Economy, Alleviate Hunger And Quit Going After Trivial Issues (VIDEO)

By Ike A.Offor

The recently controversial Enugu based Roman Catholic priest and the leader of Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has broken his silence over the current hardship in the country, said, there is hunger every where, people are dying in mass and mortuaries can no longer contain dead bodies, the president should sit-up.

The controversy surrounding Rev. Fr. Mbaka commenced when he prophesied the electoral victory of Presdient Mohammadu Buhari against the wishes of many from his region, who have great support for the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan. He called his government Badluck and called Buhari the Messiah that will come and wipe away tears and make everything better for Nigerians.

For months now Rev. Mbaka had kept a low profile as the hardship continued but finally pushed to speak out. Many have asked wy he has kept mute under the hardship economic condition and high inflation pervading the entire country.

Father Mbaka” in this video criticizing the President, said, “Buhari should know there is trouble”, the president needed the right type of advisers that “represents the poor masses”. He called on Buhari to “do away with his advisers”. He told Buhari that if things continue like this until election that nobody will vote for him again.

Now, one questions all the sweet and juicy predictions he made about the coming of Buhari as a messiah before election and how things will be good for the country, against the present economic downturn and increasing inflation, high death rate and perhaps impending economic recession.

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