Demons Among Men: mother used power of water spirit to destroy lives of her own children


Prof Nathan

“Kindly publish this testimony but not with my details. I now know that God is greater than all in existence, no negative power is to be compared with the power of God. My mother vowed that none of us will see the light of the day with her evil powers. I suspected she killed my father when he repented and joined a living Church. In fact, she was so wicked to all of us while serving her water spirit. There is no kind of prayer that we have not done yet nothing worked out for us, my own case was the worst then.
All my business endeavors failed to the extent that I started living from hand to mouth. Each time I set my eyes on my mother, she would say to me that it is just the beginning and that we are yet to see poverty unless we all turn to serve her water spirit.  My two sisters who have almost passed the ripped age of marriage have seen hell in her hands. To cut the long story short, in the midst of all these, I contacted you and I was quickly instructed to order two bottles of your oil which I did. The instruction was purely heeded to but nothing happened after the whole exercise. I became angry and contacted you the second time and you explained the level of the problem and asked me to order two bottles again.
When you said that, I sent you a nasty text message and you replied in a matured way… Sir, when I got the oil the second time and did what you asked me to do, I saw wonders my mother had a serious problem with her goddess and she became sick. She died in the process after refusing to accept Jesus as her savior…Soon after her death; things started working for good for all of us. My business is restored and my sisters are happy because they have found their various bones. It is a long story but I wish to end it here sir…God bless you.” (Names and contact withheld).
An incident recently happened in Anambra state of Nigeria where a certain man of God who belongs to two major secret societies that have ravaged this country for a long time died. In heard from a friend that the man of God who controls many branches of his Pentecostal denomination was in confusion when he was dying as a result he opened up to his first son of his involvement in secret cult and the interest of the cult in burying him as he did agree with them while felling his membership form.
The son held the information in confident in view of the economic reason accruing from the fellowship of God’s people, who were un aware of their pastor’s involvement in esoteric cum demonic activities. At the point of the burial the body of the man of God disappeared from the morgue and it became a serious problem. After a while it resurfaced and the church attributed it to be an attack against the man of God who they believed was indeed in the good service of God. On the day of the burial the occult men came and took over the burial and the church members all took to their heels.
What this simply shows is that the evil forces can possess a man and use him to do all sorts of things against humanity. These evil forces are the demons among men who masquerade hitherto as “great ministers of light” but inwardly are wolves in sheep clothing.
Today, many people in the ministry of healing and prophesy do so with secular knowledge bereft of divine spirituality. The nature of spirituality practiced today in our various temples of worship is but an abomination in the holy place. A situation in which the so called man of God who is establishing a ministry or Church does so with human skull is a thing which is in direct opposition with the teachings of Christ.
There are such stories in some of our print and electronic media from time to time. Yes, stories of such abound where some men of God were arrested for ritual killing and other related occult practices just for either power or enhancement of spiritual growth in their various churches. The question I have continued to ask myself is, how could one associate Satanism and magic with divinity? How is it possible to please God with error? How can one work for Satan and expect good reward from God? The answer to all these questions depends on the nature of the individual’s soul. The good works of the true God must go on whether the devil likes it or not. If anyone has sold himself to the devil, he or she must be prepared to dance the music of the spirits in due time. The devil is busy deceiving people just to have dominion and possession of their souls.
The reason for all this is materialism and opulence. People want short cut to everything which informs why some prophetic ministers today use magical powers for prophesies. Something is completely wrong somewhere and unless something is done soonest to arrest all this, demonic spirituality may soon take over the modern Christian religion.
Satan knows how best to keep the Churchmen in bondage. By churchmen, I mean, those who profess Christ in their earthly Churches; who nevertheless are known with one religious title or another but their hearts are far from the Lord. Jesus spoke of them thus: “Ye hypocrites… This people draweth nigh unto me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me…” (Mathew 14:7-9).
These are the group of people masquerading as servants of God but inwardly they are anti-Christ swayed by Satanic gloom, lying exhaustless on the esoteric rigidity and on the illusion of Church occultism they have hitherto brought upon themselves (as well as the poor masses in their various denominations) great darkness which has circled them and has kept them behind the bar of demonism.
Majority have been initiated into Occultism by seeking solutions from these workers of iniquity. O earthly shepherd, do not imagine that God will now simply lift you out of the Church occultism, which keeps clinging to you with great tenacity, unless you repent and find Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords; the forming influence of such will not leave you because it clings with such a swamp through your rigid stubbornness against the righteousness which you suppose to hold.
God will not lift you out of it, but you will do it within your divine volition only if you are a chosen one, just as you allowed yourselves to sink into it for the sake of money and influence, you must exert yourself through the Holy Spirit and with great diligence as to be able to come out of church occultism.
Now to help you out, however, this exposition is brought to you as a gift from God. In it you find words which show in all clearness the path you must follow if you wish to save yourself from the poisonous fruits of both your wrong opinions, conceptions and Church demonism and magic manipulation which you call miracle.
This exposition is a special gift to this generation; it brings low every pseudo knowledge opposing the divine reality of the true church, and opens the eyes of the earthmen to recognise the workers of iniquity, demons among men, tortoise on the pulpit hitherto masquerading as pillars of light and ministers of righteousness.
I have brought to you the message of the hour, all ye shepherds of the Lord, I go my way and you will die in your iniquity if you fail to surrender to the supreme light who is, was, and is to come, the Almighty. O earthmen, this is the message that will emancipate you from church occultism if at all you wish to ascend spiritually in order to save your soul. Just examine this message alright, at best, however, you will find it beautiful, educative, informative and spiritually uplifting irrespective of your church denomination                         The Sun

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