Police Detectives Follow After Sponsors Of Bola Ige’s Assassination


By Karls Tsokar, Abuja   |

Ibrahim Idris

A crack police investigative team has made headway in efforts at bringing killers of former Minister of Justice Bola Ige to justice. One of the breakthroughs in their investigation includes the discovery of the financier of the murder.The Guardian gathered from some police detectives that the leads they had in the files were followed and some of the key suspects are already in police custody.Following thorough questioning, one of the suspects has reportedly named a politician as one of their financiers, “a politician, who was based in Abuja at the time.”

According to police sources, it is not clear yet if there are other financiers but the arrested suspect allegedly confessed that their ‘chief’ alluded to a source of funds from the nation’s capital, where he always returned to get their ‘rewards.’

Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris recently ordered the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department to dust the files, with a view to unmasking those responsible for the killing of a sitting Attorney General of the Federation, late Bola Ige.

Ige was killed December 2001 in his house in Ibadan. While a number of arrests were made at the time, investigation conducted and suspects taken to court, after some months nothing was heard about the issue. A judge in the case was allegedly fired, while the principal suspects mentioned were released.

The source told The Guardian, “The assumption for now is that it was either the handiwork of political opponents or some contractors, who must have had a brush with the Chief, who was said did not have time for corrupt people.”

“The investigation would be reasonably completed with the arrest of the Abuja financiers. We are looking for him now, immediately he’s arrested, probably in the coming week, we’ll take the next necessary step. Then we will begin the process of prosecution,” the source said.                                                                  The Guardian

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