Open Letter To IGP, Chairman Human Rights Commission, AGF-By Chukwuneye Nweke

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Open Letter To IG of Police, Chairman Human Rights Commission, Hon. Attorney General of Federation.

Dear Sir,


I am Chukwunenye Nweke from Awka in Anambra State of Nigeria and a suspect in the criminal case with police case file no: CR: 445/2013. I am poised to address this letter to your office, because I have subsequently written to AIG of Zone 9 Police Headquarters, the Anambra State Commissioner of Police and the Anambra State Hon. Attorney General over the criminal acts perpetrated in my case by Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli.I. in conspiracy with police officers under the watch of the Anambra State Police Command but I am yet to see the intervention of the state CP in this matter.

The petitions I addressed so far to AIG Zone 9, Anambra state CP and the state ministry of justice were all minuted to State C.I.D, Awka, for comments and otherwise, but the said petitions were mutinied and neglected by the State C.I.D, Awka under the influence of lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli.I., Mr. Ndu Onuko, Mrs. Ogochukwu Ikunne and others at large.

That on 25th February,2013, I was assaulted and threatened by one lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma of Anambra State College of Education Nsuge and others, over a land issue. Thereafter, I reported the case to Central Police Station (C.P.S.), Awka. But behold, when Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli and her sister, Mrs. Ogochukwu Ikunne appeared to C.P.S, Awka on 22nd March, 2013, the Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli and Ogochukwu Ikunne denied that they ever assaulted me or had any exchange of words with me. But, this is contained in Exhibit P2, the C.P.S. Awka police report.

Moreover, on 17th April, 2013, lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli allegedly addressed a petition to the Anambra State Commissioner of police and she conspired among others to libel me of attempting to kidnap her. I was arrested and the case was also investigated by State C.I.D. Awka. Thereafter, on 16th July, 2013, I addressed a letter to the state CP and tendered the C.P.S. Awka police statement papers of the named lecturer and her sister, Mrs. Ogochukwu Ikunne, but the said letter was neglected by the state legal officers.

Thereafter, on 12th August,2013, I sent a reminder to the state police command to issue out the C.P.S. Awka documents but the said reminder was equally neglected by the prosecuting councils. However, after a series of argument, CP tendered the said C.P.S. Awka statement papers of his clients and the said statement papers contravened with Exhibit P2, the C.P.S. Awka Police official report conducted on the said statement papers.

That according to Exhibit A1 and A2, the documents tendered by the police officers under the command of Anambra State CP as the C.P.S. Awka statement papers of lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli. I. and Mrs. Ogochukwu Ikunne, I was fraudulently and falsely accused of running for the police arrest on 23rd February, 2013, after the alleged incident of kidnapping happened.

Therefore, it is very important to state, Sir, that the police officers under the watch of the Anambra State Commissioner of Police are abetting the suspects from facing the wrath of the law and the said police officers are also aiding Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli and other parties involved in my case to make me a criminal over a crime I never committed by refuting to act on the petitions I addressed to the above mentioned authorities.

Moreover, the Sate C.I.D Awka Police Officers faked the paramount evidence I have in this case, which I needed to prove that I am truly not guilty of the police charge in favour of their clients; Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli, Ogochukwu Ikunne and Mr. Ndu Onuko at my own detriment.

Meanwhile, on 31st October, 2014, I addressed a letter to the Anambra State Police Headquarters to investigate Exhibit A1 and A2, and issue out a report after due investigation on the alleged C.P.S Awka documents (Exhibit A1 and A2) which are introduced in my case by the police officers under the command of Anambra State CP but the said application seeking for due investigation on the alleged documents were not granted.

It was encroached by the OC legal State C.I.D Awka. Hence, I decided to write petitions to the AIG of Zone 9 Police Headquarters to probe the state CP over the fraudulent and contravened documents tendered in my case but justice is yet to be done to my complaints as my petitions were minuted to Anambra State CP and neglected by the police officers under his command.

Henceforth, it is in the light of the above, that I write you Sir to wade into this matter. That my life has seriously been threatened by the plaintiffs in this case, therefore, I appeal to your office to use the power conferred on her to protect my life and enshrine my fundamental rights to smooth Justice which have been maliciously breached by the parties in this case.

That the use of the State C.I.D Awka Police Officers to arrest, intimidate, encroach on my petitions, threaten my life and change the course of justice by the suspects is a breach to my fundamental rights contrary to section 33(1), 34(1A,) 35(6) 36(5) of the 2011 constitution of Nigeria and sec. 168(1) of Anambra State Criminal Justice Law, 2010.

Iam have been vested with damages valued Hundred Million Naira (#100,000,000.00) as the result of the inhuman acts meted out on me by Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli and others.

Finally, I am not writing this story so that the Anambra state Commissioner of Police would be asked to withdraw his charge against me, but what I am appealing to IG of Police, Chairman Human Rights Commission, Hon. Attorney General of Federation, is to investigate the criminal and prejudicial acts as titled above, which are perpetrated by Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli and others at the course of my trial. Thus, I will be honoured if Justice is done to my report.

Your Sincerely,

Signed: Nweke Chukwunenye

Disclaimer: The content of the case and the letter is as presented to The Republican News from the writer and solely the reponsibility of the writer.

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