I Have No Regrets Predicting Jonathan’s Defeat Despite Sufferings Of Nigerians Now, Says Rev.Father Mbaka


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From Petrus Obi, Enugu

OUTSPOKEN Enugu Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, yesterday, said he had no regret over his 2015 prophesy of change, where he had pre­dicted that former Presi­dent Goodluck Jonathan would be defeated in the last general elections.

He dismissed claims that he fell apart with Jonathan over the latter’s refusal to grant his request for oil well as “lies from the pit of hell.”

Mbaka, who spoke through his media aide, Maximus Ike Ugwuoke, ahead of his 21st priestly ordination anniversary, said he would not regret the 2015 change prophesy despite the current suffer­ings Nigerians were expe­riencing.

He recalled that on several occasions, he had prophesied on the current hard times bedeviling the nation.

The priest maintained that the previous admin­istration, which he alleged ran a wasteful govern­ment, should be held re­sponsible for the present situation.

“When these prophecies come, it must not be what people think or want; people are entitled to their views. Those reactions mean nothing; the impor­tant thing is that there is nothing he had prophesied which never came to pass; the ministry does not care how people feel about his prophecies. Some call him controversial priest; some call him fiery priest and all so on, they are entitled to their opinion. The fact remains that he is a true prophet.

“I will tell you some­thing, it is not for us to judge prophesies. He was the only person who said Buhari would win. If it were in the olden days, all the so-called men of God who castigated him would have received the wrath of God immediately. All of them should be ashamed of themselves now.

“When you look at that prophesy on Jonathan, he gave it and it came to pass. Don’t forget that two months before that proph­esy, Jonathan’s wife came to the adoration ground. If, after such visit, he had the courage to reveal such prophesy against them, that tells you that it is much more than what people think. Whether the prophesy was a good one or not, talking about the suffering has nothing to do with it.

“Before Buhari took over, the dollar was rising, there was already problem with our economy. They had oil boom, but never saved; they just wasted the opportunity. Even the suf­fering we are talking about was part of his prophesies. I recall that on the January 1 this year, he said clearly that Nigerians should brace up for hard times. He said a lot of hardship was under way; this suf­fering Nigerians are pass­ing through is a process of change. I’m seeing a great future for Nigerians; he made it clear that there were so many holes which needed to be filled.”

When asked whether Mbaka could then be de­scribed as a prophet of doom, he said: “No way; he is not a prophet of doom; you can’t say that this is a government of doom; this is a govern­ment that has unearthed a whole lot of things; the other government had oil boom, which they squan­dered, they handed over oil doom to this govern­ment; we are no longer talking of excess crude; this is what the present government is facing.”                                       The Sun

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    The Police men attach to Bola Ige nd the then president should b tried, i belief he was kiiled bcs he showed intension to contest for presidency nd the then gov know that if he contest pdp can not win south west

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