Munich Terror Attack: 10 confirmed dead, suspected Iranian gunman killed himself

By Ike A. Offor

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The police in Germany has given a public update on the current situation in the terror attack in Olympia shopping mall in Moosach district in Munich,  Germany.

The German police chief, Mr Herbertus Andarae gave detailed press conference on the entire operation.

“We had contact with the gunman during the shoot out operation, and we have pictures to show later abotu that” he said.

The attacker or the guman was an 18-year old Iranian German citizen from Munich. And he has not been known to the authourity prior to this attack

The police now confirmed to The Republican News reporter that 10 people have been killed including the attacker. They also confirmed that the guman probabaly acted alone. But the motive of the attack is still not known.

The police also suspected that the guman, who they believed acted alone has killed himself after killing 9 people in different attacks within the city.

It also also confirmed that 10 people were injured.

The police authourity press conference at about 02:15 CET brings to an end the manhunt operation for the attacker.

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