BREAKING NEWS: Military Coup Underway In Turkey


By Ike A. Offor

There has been a full blown military coup in Turkey. This is according to the report reaching The Republican News via our reporter in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Though, how successful the coup has been is not yet very certain. The Republican News reporter in Istandbul is reported  saying that she heard  sounds of gun fire and explosions.

“The explosions and gunfire are likely to be some confrotnation between those who are working to stop the coup plotters or it could be the military responding to the remaining supporters of the President, Erdogan.

Mr Tayyip Erdogan, who is on a holiday on learning about the coup asked the people via Skype to flood to the streets in an effort to foil the coup.  This is an attempt by the President to help the people defy the warning from the coup plotters urging people to stay off the streets.

The senior adviser of the Prime Minister, Mr Jamal Hasidi, said that the faction in the army is behind the coup but democratic group or the people are fighting back.

The Military has taken over the airwaves and has spoken to the nation concerning the coup. They have declacred martial law and asked people to remain indoors

Armoured vehicles and miltary tanks were seen rolling into the streets of Istanbul, and the situation looks very tense.
The scene on the street is very divisive, with some group of the citizens jubilating  and chanting with songs and flying the national flag in motorcades and dancing on the streets.

Some group of citizens were speaking to the television camera and expressing anger. So, it is clear that the country is hugely polarised with regard to the coup.

It is the faction in the army who are trying to take over the country leadership. The president’s deputy has been taken hostage by the coup plotters.

The general feeling or reason behind the coup is the fact that the President, Tayyip Erdogan is seen as taken Turkey back to Islam while it is supposed to be a secular country. So, the attempted drive to Islamise Turkey is the reason behind this fatal attempt for military take over.

There are reports of fatalities  so far in the military coup.

It is still unclear if the military coup is at this moment completely successful at the point of this report.



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