Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Chevron Manifolds In Warri, Close Social Media Accounts


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Niger Delta Militants


(Emmanuel Ogoigbe, WARRI)


Members of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) on Wednesday night blasted another Chevron manifolds in Warri, Delta State with a promise to do more havoc to oil installation in the region.

The group, which made the attack known on its website late Wednesday, said it blew up RMP 22, 23 and 24 all in Warri and warned espertraites and Nigerian workers to vacate the area, else they may lose their lives.

In the statement signed by its spokesperson, Brig. Gen Mudoch Agbinibo, the group said: “Between the hours of 10:50pm to 11:10pm our (Niger Delta Avengers) strike team blew up Chevron Manifolds which are RMP 22, 23 and 24.”

The group, which wished its readers, a “Happy Eid Mubarak to our Muslim Brothers,” said it was closing all its social network accounts due to activities of scammers and impersonators attributing some sabotages to it.

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NDA however denied responsibility for the alleged attack on NNPC’s pipeline at Eleme in Rivers State last Saturday and advised other groups carrying out their heinous activities to do so and be manly enough to claim responsibility instead of accusing Avengers falsely.

The group, therefore, warned the media to beware of the imposters and always follow its activities only on its website henceforth.

“This Facebook Account/page is an impostor page that was open by fraudster to deceive the general public.

“We are warning any group that wants to do anything should go about their activities without tagging us (Niger Delta Avengers) instead do your activities and claim responsibility”.

“The NNPC pipeline in Eleme explosion that was posted by this Facebook account yesterday wasn’t carried out by Niger Delta Avengers.

“We are calling all national dailies to take note. Niger Delta Avengers is not out to mislead the public.

Senior Media Aide to President Muhammed Buhari, Shehu Sanni had, on Wednesday in an article, accused the group of killing soldiers and policemen to which the militants had denied.

The group also denied being in touch with the Federal Government on any proposed dialogue to end the hostilities which have further fractured the fragile oil economy of the country amid global fall in crude oil price.               The Sun

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