Leave Alex Ekwueme, Peter Obi, Nnamdi Kanu Alone, Igbo Youth Group Warns


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Igbo cultural group

From Petrus Obi, Enugu


Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) has condemned what it called deliberate attempt in some quarters to sow  seed of discord among some Igbo leaders including former Vice President, Dr. Alex Ekwueme and former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi.
In a statement issued in Enugu, yesterday, IYM President, Evangelist Elliot Uko described efforts “by faceless political hustlers” to drag the noble names of revered leaders like Dr. Ekwueme, Mr. Obi and Nnamdi Kanu “into their dirty and imaginary dream world as despicable.
“Planting unfounded and quite unbelievable fairytales in the social media, aimed at either discrediting or instigating quarrels among these true great leaders is ungodly, evil and a clear enemy action from disgruntled desperadoes, who hope to mislead the public in order to achieve a predetermined ignoble end.
“It could also be part of a larger plot by external forces and their internal agents, to keep the great oriental region disunited.
“Dr. Ekwueme and Obi, did not speak at the Nike Lake Dinner.
“Mazi Kanu and the respected Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) do not have issues with Mr. Obi.
“The desperate attempt to drag Kanu, whose current travails have become the greatest event in this political space into the unending dirty politics of Anambra state is disgraceful and wicked.
“The people behind these false stories, are clearly afraid of certain popular leaders, hence, their clandestine attempt to rubbish same through planting horrible hogwash in the social media.
“Any politician, who feels frustrated by the rising profile of his perceived political opponent, should kindly look for other ways to get at him.
“They should kindly leave Dr. Ekwueme and Kanu out of their sinister schemes.
“Kanu is presently carrying the burden of an entire generation; it is most unfair for any desperate politician to drag his name into local Anambra politics.
“Kanu and the IPOB do not have issues with Obi and are surprised at these vicious falsehoods planted online by those afraid of the former governor.
“Igbo know those who authorised the slaughter of unarmed youths at Nkpor on May 30.
“They also know why these same characters are determined to rubbish someone else. Politicians are, hereby, warned to play their games the way they choose to, without dragging the names of others in the mud.
“Only the guilty and the fearful, plot to drag others into their mess.
“If Kanu or the IPOB have issues with anybody, they do not plant stories on Facebook.
“Rather, they come out boldly with official statements signed by their globally known officers. This unholy attempt to use Kanu’s name to deceive the public should end forthwith.”                                        The Sun

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