MEND Rejects Ajumogobia’s Apology, Threatens Legal Action


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MOVEMENT for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) has said it is considering tak­ing legal actions against former Foreign Affairs minister, Mr. Odein Aju­mogobia and Mr. Bis­marck Rewane, a Lagos-based financial analyst for exposing the group to public ridicule following their sudden exit from MEND ‘s Aaron Team 2 Initiative.

The two men were ex­pected to lead MEND in the proposed dialogue with the Federal Govern­ment.

The group’s position was contained in a press statement signed by Ti­mipa Okponipere, Sec­retary to MEND’S Aaron Team 2 Initiative.

The statement also dis­closed that Ajumogobia had tendered an unre­served apology to MEND. His apology, the group said, was made through text messages sent to Ok­ponipere and received at about 4.48 pm and 6.06 pm on Saturday.

Extracts of the first mes­sage read: “Dear Timi, I read your statement in re­sponse to mine… I did not seek to embarrass MEND. I have no interest in doing so…the headlines were perhaps unfortunate, and I wish to make clear that they were not mine… I understand why you did what you did. Indeed, I expected a reaction when I saw the distorted headline… There is no sane Niger Delta man that doesn’t want the best for our people. Let us try to build bridges… wish you and the peace initiative every success. Kind regards.”

MEND, however, re­mains unappeased. Ac­cording to Okponipere, the exit of Ajumogobia and Rewane from the MEND’s Aaron Team 2 Initiative after accept­ing to serve was a will­ful, political machina­tion, which has made the group incur heavy losses.

These losses, explained Okponipere, included that of an opportunity to pick Mr. Atedo Peterside as its chief negotiator in the proposed dialogue with the Federal Govern­ment. Ajumogobia, Ok­ponipere explained, had insisted that he was bet­ter qualified and thus, more suitable for the assignment than Peter­side.

Secretary of the ini­tiative added that the action of the two men also exposed MEND to public ridicule.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the public at large should please note that MEND has not been outlawed by any legislation in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. ..

“MEND is, therefore, considering taking legal action against Messrs Ajumogobia and Re­wane by dragging them before a Federal High Court in Abuja,” Okp­onipere said.                       The Sun

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