You Lied, Anioma Is Igbo And Part Of Biafra, Traditional Ruler of Ukwuani Tells Gov. Okwwa

By Ike A.Offor

It is said that those who do not know their history always pick any story about who they are and run with it.

The effect of the military intelligence and propaganda onslaught during the Nigeria versus Biafra war by the Nigerian federal troop against the people of Igbo extraction, who were viewed, though erroneously,  as the sole ethnic group that make up Biafra, has not been completely eliminated.. This created enormous distortion of pyschology and conmittant erroneous distortion of history amonsgt Igbo speaking people within the ancient Biafran region.

Recently, the governor of Delta State Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa, was quoted of saying that Anioma, though they speak Igbo are not Igbo and so not part of Biafra. He warned the Biafran agitators to steer clear of his state, Delta.

Though, most or majority of Anioma people accept their Igbo ancestry, but so many ugly politics has been played since the war ended with the identity of Anioma or Ika people.

The best people to tell children who they are are indeed the elders, they are masters of history and custodians of tradtion and culture. So, who is the best person to tell it the way it is other than the traditional ruler of Ukwuani in Anioma?

The traditional ruler of Ukwuani in Anioma Local government of Delta state, Okpala Ukwu emphatically told the governor of Delta state that he lied about Anioma and their ancestry.

The aged traditional ruler seen here in the photo told the media that, the governor lied and said that Anioma people are Igbo and  therefore part of Biafra.

But there is a saying that goes this way “those who where present during burial can tell where the head of the corpse lies”. Those who are custodians of tradition and masters of their history can veritably tell who they are and narrate their history.

Though many argued that Gov. Okowa has deep knowledge that Anioma is Igbo but he, as a sitting governor, cannot openly support those agitating for sovereign state. Some argued that the best thing was for him to remain mute about the agitation instead of making efforts to rewrite the history of Anioma people.

A great number of Anioma scholars both at home and in diaspora have been very emphatic about the Igbo ancestry of Anioma people. Though a small number of them have deep hatred traced to the wartime propaganda, which still eoches in some quarters till this day.

Though the words from the aged traditional ruler may reaffirm the stand of the majority of  Anioma people, it will not douce the fire amongst those who do not want to be counted as Igbo and consequently Biafra.



19 thoughts on “You Lied, Anioma Is Igbo And Part Of Biafra, Traditional Ruler of Ukwuani Tells Gov. Okwwa

  1. It’s quota system that gave ifeanyi okowa the position he occupies now. This is the reward of years of asserting their igboness as Anioma people and demanding that the delta igbo must be heard. Sunday ogochukwu oliseh made such comments and he crashed. Ifeanyi who doesn’t know that he is Igbo, is a bastard.

    • George Aniebor says:

      It is either Ike Okafor is soliciting for people to help his ethnic group gather more ‘customers’ to continue in their senseless second secessionist bid or the unnamed Okpala Uku does not know his roots. To show that your post is a falsehood, you referred readers to the picture which you may have picked up from any publication. I challenge you to name the traditional ruler. For the avoidance of doubt and as a piece of information for you,Ukwuani people do not have a general Okpala-Ukwu . We do have Okpala-Ukwus for individual towns and villages. It would have made more sense if you mentioned the name of the so called traditional ruler. How on earth can you force someone to say he is Igbo or part of the failed Biafran attempt if he is not ?There is no better person who knows the people he governs than the governor of that state-born and brought up in the arts and mysteries of his people,served them as a doctor,,local govt chairman,two times senator.In this case Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. To further expatiate his point,he made it clear that for the simple reason that we speak the same language does not make is Igbo. Can an American say he is English because he speaks in English language ? Can a Brazilian claim to be Portuguese because he speaks in Portuguese ? The Igbo we speak is a result of our geographical closeness and interaction.So who is the real bastard?

      • Chigbogu Stan. says:

        Indeed it doesn’t take much for one to post himself as an educated illiterate, this you have done for yourself here.
        Judas Iscariot lived, ate and wined with Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher and prophet of mankind but he still died a fool .
        If you are not IGBO inspite of the igboness of all circumstances surrounding you and you still don’t know whom you are, then you are indeed a disgrace to your father and your generation.

      • Okey says:

        You’re so ignorant. The BIAFRA war was as a result of the offence of an Anioma son Ndeogwu and the reterlation was Meted on all the Easterner. So don’t be a fool.

      • mazi keekeem ibe,(omamma) says:


    • okeke ngozi says:

      So shameful that a man of his standing does not know his origin. But since its so, non Igbos who deceived ppl like he into believing that it’s safer to deny Igbo identity and be loved have eventually told efulefus like he that they are Igbos pure and simple. Buhari in his presidential speech the okowas that they are Igbos. This he said of CBN Governor, Emefiele. So, thank you Traditional Ruler for saving okowas from suffering from identity crises.

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth is that they Igbos from various part especially Anambra State like Nteje, Isu-Achalla Anaocha etc.

  2. Ukwani is Igbo, everybody knows that unless you are among the lots that are seeking for an undeserved recognition which for an unknown reason to them can easily be achieved by denying their Igbo identity.
    Nzogwo was a Delta Igbo, his coup attempt led to the heartless massacre of many Igbos in norther Nigeria in 1966 and the eventual war which cost millions of Igbos their lives.

    Who the heck you think you are by lashing, insulting and denying Igbos? You attempt on diving us will not work, we are as united as ever. When the time comes everybody will answer their fathers names, those that ‘migrated’ from Edo will have to go back to their ‘root; or they will be flogged back to Bini. None is claiming an inch of Igboland. Those from the tribe which fall down from ‘heaven’ will be chased back to their ‘heaven’.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  3. Ifeanyi okowa is an Igbo man,Jay Jay Okocha is an Igbo man,Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is an Igbo woman,Our beloved brother Stephen Keshi(May his soul rest in peace is an Igbo man) etc.When you speak my language without forcing it on you,you have the same culture with me,the same method of marriage,of the same burial rite,we were massarced in the north the same time,fought war,the great Achuzia,Nzeogwu,etc fought for Biafra,Murtala mohammed and his cohorts killed innocent people in Asaba,I laugh when some insane people will deny their origin because of fear or intimidation or inferiority complex.I think Ifeanyi should change his name to Abubakar.Unserious people.

  4. Okey says:

    That is the easy way he could go to be love by the Fulani and Yorubas. But it has portrayed how checky he is; a Lilly livered governor.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This publication is purely misinformation.

    1. As an Ukwuani indigene, there is no general Okpala Ukwu in Ukwuani but every villages in Ndokwa West, Ukwuani Local Governments has one and mostly the oldest man in the village.

    2. Where is Anioma Local Government in Delta State? To the best of my knowledge, nothing like Anioma Local Government in Delta State as claimed in this publication. Yes there is agitation for the creation of Anioma State which comprises the Igbo speaking Delta State.

    3. No specific Okpalla Ukwu name was mentioned.

    So Mr. Ike Offor, your publication lack merit and authenticity and should be regarded as trash.

    • rising sun says:

      as simple as this ” YOU ARE NOT IGBO AND WILL NEVER BE”; Ndi Igbo are known for their braveness, not some coward like okowa and co, will never be Igbo and will never be. go to hell with ukwu ani and anioma, they are lazy and will never be Igbo. to hell with you.

  6. spirit marshall says:

    If they say they are not igbos why are they given igbo names even the stupif governor is called ifeanyi mad people

  7. Emmanuel Ndukwe says:

    The whole of Agbor and other within their neighborhood are Ibos and they are the last batch that came back after the Oba of benin sent them away. The true story is that after they Ibos came in from Israel in 70AD, there was a powerful medicine man who was known for his Juju powers. His name was Ogwunsiukwu. At that time, there were two rival kings in Benin kingdom who were fighting over a stool and one of them came and requested for the help of Ogwunsiukwe, who out of vagaries of time is now known as Ugwasiukwu. Ogwunsiukwu succeeded in making the Oba who hired him, to win the stool and subsequently was rewarded with chieftaincy title and given a place in the palace to live. Ogwunsiukwu had two sons – Asiagba now known as Asaba and the other one. They stayed in Benin for a long time and like Pharaoh who did not recognize Moses, when the new Oba came after the demise of the Oba who knew Ogwunsiukwu, he was asked to leave and that was why they came back late and however settled along until they came to River Niger and could not cross and finally settled there. This history is not known even to most of them and because they do not know they decided to construct their identity with the Benin with whom they had lived for a long time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The binin people hate them with passion, ask them they should be happy that we igbos accepted them.

  9. gandoki says:

    Instead of Delter igbos to use igbo influence to colonize their nebors like bini and so on. They now allows bini and to colonize them and their minds into believing that they are not igbos. Shame on them

  10. Anonymous says:

    All d igbos y forcing Ukuwani to claim wat dey r not? Is it by force to join u in ur useless Biafra fight? I hate igbos. Igbos get a life. Low life pple

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