Islamic Religious Killing: tension in Kano over killing of a pastor’s wife




AN uneasy calm, Friday, reigned in Kano State following the alleged murder of a pastor’s wife, Mrs. Bridget Agbaheme by a mob of re­ligious extremists, who accused her of defaming the Islamic religion.

Late Mrs. Bridget Agbaheme, a mother of one, was married to Pas­tor Mike Agbaheme, a senior pas­tor with Deeper Life Bible Church in the state in 1982. The deceased family hails from Orodo village in Mbaitolu Local Government area of Imo State.

Saturday Sun learnt that follow­ing the tension that pervaded the area, many Christians stayed in­doors or limited their movements to seemingly volatile areas as fear persists that the extremists may be up to something else.

In the light of the above, the Joint Security Task Force (JTF) in the state, in a bid to reinstate public confidence, deployed armoured car­riers vehicles and over 30 pickup vans filled with security officers, personnel who patrolled the city capital in the morning hours.

Kano State chapter of the Chris­tian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has decried the killing and the cir­cumstance leading to the pastor’s wife’s death. They held an emer­gency meeting, but would make their position public in due course.

Saturday Sun also gathered that the leader of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Kumuyi has request­ed for details of the incident.

An emergency meeting of the Imo Community Association was going on somewhere in Sabon -Garri Area of the state as at Press time while the Chairman of the Igbo Commu­nity Association, Chief Eni Michael has described the death as barbaric and “most painful to every Igbo man and woman in the state”.

He said that Igbo people living in Kano demand nothing but justice, adding that they would monitor the situation untill the perpetrators of the dastardly act are brought to justice.

“We are not happy at all. A human being is a human being, no matter his tribe or state of origin. Her death is a challenge, we must make sure it does not happen again. And that will start with making sure that those be­hind this murder do not go scot-free.

He charged the police to extend their dragnets to bring in anybody that played a role in the mob action against the Igbo lady.        The Sun

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It will not happen again it will not hapen again u people are doing politic with blood of our sisters in northern all I have to say is those people u think they are their for are all scam there not for u but to see ur blood on d street my people please come back home were u are safe first and live d rest for GOD the money u are looking for in the north and u got killed is desame money northern are still bustling for in eastern but no one torch dem or kill dem

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