Christian Association of Nigeria: Buhari’s Policies Heading Towards Islamisation Of Nigeria


James Sowole in Akure

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Thursday expressed fears over some actions of President Muhammadu Buhari since he assumed office last year, alleging that he was bent on Islamising Nigeria through some policies that negate the secular nature of the country.

The association, which addressed a news briefing where it itemised pro-Islamic policies taken since Buhari was sworn in last year, said credible apprehension was now being experienced given the policy direction of the new administration.

Addressing journalists at a briefing attended by some South West and Ondo State branch officers, the CAN Chairman in Ondo State, Reverend John Ayo Oladapo, expressed fears that the build-up of some of the policies of the Federal Government may result in a full-blown Sharia which Buhari was alleged to have promised Muslims in Nigeria.

Listing some of the pro-Islam policies, Oladapo said inclusion of Nigeria in the Saudi Arabia Military Coalition of “Muslim/Arab” nations would appear that the foreign policy thrust of the present administration is to make Nigeria a satellite state of Saudi Arabia.

He said the president’s fiat and unilateral decision to enlist Nigeria in the 34-nation Muslim/Arab Coalition negated what was expected to be the priority of the president which should be strengthening of democracy and economy and security for all.

“Given the emotive and sensitive nature of this unilateral executive decision, it should have been handled by Mr President in line with our democratic culture through popular discussion and participation by the citizenry, or at least, through the National Assembly”, he said.

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