Negotiate With The Militants Now Before It Is Too Late, Bozimo Tells Buhari



FORMER minister of Police affairs in ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo regime, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo has expressed deep concern over the state of the nation, especially the recent bombing of pipelines in the Niger Delta.

The elderstatesman however cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari to opt for dialogue with the militants in order to resolve the worrisome situation.

According to him “It is extremely regrettable that this is happening at this critical moment. But even every right thinking Nigerian must condemn these atrocities. Therefore, one would appeal to the mili­tants, or whoever they are to sheath their sword and let us embrace dialogue.

“Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan addressed the insurgency that started years ago and later and the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has helped to stabilise this country. The plea we are making with Mr. President is to find a way to negotiate with the militants.

“I still believe when Mr. President negotiates with these young men, I am very sure they will come to the table with their representatives to address the is­sue. We cannot have a situation where by our own default begin to inflict injury on ourselves by the mil­itants because we must realise that for this country to move forward we must embrace peace and find a way to air our grievances and whatever disagreement we have should be placed on the table.”

He expressed fears that the country may be brought to its knees if the President fails to call for dialogue urgently. His words: “My fear for the coun­try is on the direction we are going because we have not quite resolved the worrisome Boko Haram issue and other fronts threatening to open up. For instance, you have the Niger-Delta Avengers and other groups coming up.

“If we are not careful, these militant groups are going to hold us to ransom because of the control they have in the creeks which is their fa­miliar terrain, we don’t want to draw our military into direct confrontation with these young men.

“I think the best way to go is to try to invite them for discussion because the economy has nose-dived and the militant action is causing a lot of havoc. I am appealing to them to come to a round table with government and, I am also appealing to government not to go on attack militarily because it will be counter-productive. Remember the militants are people who don’t care whether we all die or not. So, I think Mr. President should show a lot of statesmanship and address the burning issue through negotia­tion.”     The Sun

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