BIAFRA: why IPOB, Bilie, took Nigeria to International Court of Justice?

By Ike A. Offor


It may be a narrative that is not fully comprehensible to every Nigerian or Biafran, but it is something that is indeed ongoing right now. So many might have heard that the Indigenous People of Biafra took the federal government of Nigeria to the International Court of Justice in the Hague in Holland, but many do not comprehend the narrative behind it.

The aim here by this report by The Republican News is to help many Nigerians cum Biafrans, who are not aware of the details to comprehend the narratives.

IPOB vs FG within the judiciary in Nigeria

The federal government sued by Biafran body, Bilie, seeking or praying  the court to state if Biafrans have the right or power under the consitution and or international law to seek for sovereign state or power to seek for self determination.

The federal government allegedly knowing that such law do exist within its law or constitution and international laws, resorted to delay tactics and consistently adjourning the case to deter the case from being heard.

In this case here, the legal team of the federal government were present for the hearing but the federal high court judge reportedly left for a meeting in Abuja.

One of the legal representatives of the Biafrans stated here that this has been the usual tactics of the federal government of Nigeria, a ploy he stated used to stop or consistently delay the case from being heard in the court.

According to Barrister Ohaeto Uwazie, this is not the first, second, or third but numerous cases of times that the case has been adjourned or the judge is nowhere to be found. So, this made him and the Biafran legal team to infer that it is hopeless trying to be heard  in the court within the shores of Nigeria.



International Court Of Justice, The Hague, Nederlands

Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the legal team and the members of Biafran group, then took their case to International Court of Justice.

So, this is why there is a case against the federal government of Nigeria in the International Court of Justice in the Hague in Holland. According the Biafran group and their legal team, it was convincingly apparent that the Nigerian government was unwilling to give the case a chance to be heard in the high court within the shores of Nigeria.

This case lately attracted the attention of the International community, and the president of the Philipines sent his vice president to come to witness the case in Owere, Imo state. The government of the Philipines has through the vice president expressed their willingness to see and support the independence of Biafra from Nigeria.

It is evidently clear that the Biafrans are very determined to use legal underpinnings to achieve their goal of independent and sovereign state of Biafra?

And this is a case that Nigeria is very much likely to lose, due to fact that there are very clear provisions for self-determination both in Nigerian law or constitution and in the international law.

A victory for Biafrans in this case in the Hague could in effect translate to international pressure for the government of Nigeria to organise for referendum which will see the independence of Biafra. Such victory will thereafter make it imposible for the Nigerian state to further delay the referendum or delay consequent protocols that could lead to independent state of Biafra.

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    the law of the land and the constitution must be respected, the fundamental human rights must not be trampled upon. on ABURI we stand.

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