Gov. Fayose Speaks With Venom And Commissions Hunters For Security Against Fulani Herdsmen Criminals

By Ike A. Offor


The governor of Ekiti state, Gov. Ayo Fayose spits fire in this video calling on Ekiti hunters to go and fight against the threat posed by the Fulani herdsmen or political herdsmen as he sometimes referred to them.

Speaking to the very enthusiastic members of the hunters community with almost  every sentence greeted with applause and cheers he made his stand clearly known to the world

. He said, “the president must stand up and provide security, and lamented at the deteriorating security situations around the country under the president’s leadership”.

“The herdsmen are deliberate and sponsored by those political elements”, he said.

“Let it be said and be told that those people behind these herdsmen, we will defeat you. Enough of these political herdsmen, operating as herdsmen but they are boko haram. They are coming to South West gradually, we are going to fight you”, he shouted to the crowd.

In a low tone, he promised to provide logistics, pick up van, mobile phones and other gadgets required by the hunters to fight against Fulani herdsmen.


“Anywhere  you see cows straying away, or see herdsmen faking that they are grazing in the night, bring them down. You cannot rape my wife, my daughters and slit their throat open and you walk about with AK47 but claim to be herdsmen” he screamed angrily.

“Do not run away, this is your home, defend it and I will support you and if you are defeated then, I am also defeated. You voted me in to defend your lives and protect your properties, and that I must do” he added.

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