BIAFRA: Asari Dokubo speaks very passionately about Biafran state and evils in Nigerian politics

By Ike A. Offor


Apart from being known as the leader of Niger Delta Volunteer Force, he is an ardent advocate and believer in Biafra. His coming lately into the Biafran struggle has indeed pacified some nerves in the Niger Delta, especially among the Ijaws who thought that Biafra is not for them.

In this video filmed in Owere, Imo State capital, he spoke passionately on the issues of Biafra and imminent sovereignty or freedom and independence from Nigeria. He touched on issues concering how the former president Dr Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan was betrayed by those he trusted.

But one thing was very clear about his speech in this rally, that is his passion about Biafra, history connecting the entire Biafrans. At some point he spoke as if he was overcame by spiritual presence of some sort, and even became prophetic.

He said “the rich Biafrans and politicians are waiting to see Biafra actualise before they will join to grab, that they are not ready to make sacrifices”

“Northern politicians are very evil that they ruined, maimed and killed their own people just to get their way back to the leadership in Nigeria”. He retorted , that the Northern politicians claimed that Goodluck Jonathan was behind boko haram, but he asked if they are going to give amnesty to boko haram members, are those going to be  Biafrans as they claimed.

He further said that Nigeria is killing and supressing the innovative and creative talents or powers of Biafrans. He opined that Biafran cannot succeed to their maximum potential under Nigeria. So, it is important for Biafra to break away from Nigeria for the Biafrans to fully succeed and attian their full potentials. He declared “until we are free, we will not progress”.

He said “In our fight for freedom that we have not done enough sacrifices yet. That the enemy shall rise but it shall find no one to devour”.

He then showered praises on Chief Ralph Uwazuruike as the man that brought all Biafrans together and that he will be remembered as the greatest in Biafra. He said that the journey is near and no power on earth shall stop the Biafrans.

He declared in the end ” we will fly the Biafran flag on the Biafran independence day and now power will stop Biafra. “That our freedom is guaranteed and no weapon fashioned against Biafrans shall prosper”. “The race no longer far and the finishing line is very near”, he said.

The rally venue was jampacked and very well organised too.




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  1. Abattam Israel says:

    Asari you have spoken the mind of the only true God. Biafra must be and no power in the heavens or earth or beneath that can stop it. It is the mind and heart beat of God

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