BIAFRA: IPOB delegates success at the UN summit, other successes by Biafran groups

By Ike A. Offor

The Indigenous People Of Biafra have been recording strings of successes in their endeavour to achieve a sovereign state of Biafra. Though this in the eye of an ardent believer of one Nigeria, they are merely nothing. But these events have been gaining grounds lately and for the facts that they are taking places, should worry an average Nigerian leader, though they may rhetorically shake it off as nothing. But, as the saying goes, love making or sex begins with foreplay or mere caressing.

Biafran delegates at the UN summit

IPOB have been winning some strings of small wars lately and they have been either passive or have gone unnoticed by millions of Nigerians. Let’s just take time to bring some of them to the fore.

  1. After the bloody protests shootings and few others by the security forces of Nigeria, the Biafrans have used all legal  and media means possible to anesthesize the ever aggressive and illegal extra-judicial killings of their members by the Buhari’s government forces.

Not only that the Biafrans via IPOB, Bilie , MASSOB have used all legal underpinnings and their worldiwde media presence to quieten the overbearing of the Nigerian security forces under this government, but they have taken further actions to bring the security forces and the federal government to justice.


2 The video of Al-Jazeera journalist who urged President Buhari to wtach the incident of trigger-happy security forces under his governlment is another case that has been used by IPOB and other Biafran groups to quieten the excessive use of forces against their struggle and freedom of expression. Buhari was too aggravated to watch the video, which also echoed around the world concerning his attitude in leadership in Nigeria.

3 The US Congressmen have scheduled to meet  with the leaders and elders of Biafran group, and if that meeting has taken place or not is yet to be ascertained while this report is being prepared. But for the fact that such meetings are in the offing is a glaring sign of successes by IPOB and other Biafran groups.

After the senseless shooting by the trigger-happy security focres in Aba, the UN group visited the scene and saw  what they descibed as horrendous human rights violation. Which is why UN  and Amnesty International asked the Nigerian Military to invesitgate the case and bring those responsible to justice.  These are means IPOB and other Biafran groups are tapping into to actualise their goal.

4 Their acceptance and presence in the United Nation organisations is another victory or success by them. They have ealier under Goodluck’s government been accepted in the UN organisations and they do indeed attend these UN meetings and deliberations. There is a rumour that they have been granted observation status in the UN general assembly. What that means is that they could attend UN general assembly proceedings as an obserser state intending to become a sovereign country.

Their attendance at the just concluded UN indigenous peoples’ summit is indeed yet another victory recored by IPOB and other Biafran groups. While it may be passive to the knwoledge of millions of Nigerians, it is a huge step for them at this juncture in their struggle.

5 The have recently taken the federal government to International Court of Justice  in teh Hague in Holland, after their case agaisnt the FG was deliberately being postponed for unjustified reasons. The case, which is also covered by The Republican News, covers if they, Bifrans, have the egal right to ask for their own state under the consitution of Nigeria. Of course, konwing fully well that they have such right, the FG has to use consistent adjournments to frustrate them. Biafrans legal team being smart enough resorted to ICJ.

So, it is glaringly clear that the Biafrans are vehemently pursuing their goal of sovereign state through every legal avenue that is possible for them. This is indeed should worry every Nigerian leader, who indeed believes in one Nigeria. Their successes are pilling up and inching towards a soverign state of Biafra. It may take time but it is a fight they are fully prepared for and staunchly eager to win.

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