Buhari Speaks On Fuel Subsidy Removal And Calls It A Fraud

By Ike A. Offor


President Buhari speaking here as a presumptive presidential candiate of the opposition party and a chieftain of his political party CPC prior to the merging of his party with others to become APC.

He spoke here with serious ardour and conviction and enthusiasm that there was indeed nothing like subsidy, and that whoever said there is anything  known as subsidy is a fraud or lying to the Nigerian people. In his own words, ” who is subsidising who”? “Whoever tells you that there is anything like petrol subsidy is a fruad, that person is lying”

The same man has now come into government as president and saw there is indeed fuel subsidy. He has months earlier threatened to deregulate the sector and his state minister for petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu declared  few months ago that the government has not paid fuel subsidy since January.

So, if they have not paid fuel subsidy since January 2016, it either means they did from their inception in government or they are owing the PMS importers. This indeed points to one fact, which he denied as an opposition that is, there indeed petrom subsidy.

Buhari denying the existence of petrol subsidy when he was an opposition leader


If one listens scrupulously, one could hear the conviction in his voice and which was why they falsely convinced millions of citizens to march against the removal of fuel subsidy and the concomitant hike in PMS price.

They convinced their supporters, labour union and civil liberty groups to come out on the streets of Lagos, Abuja and Kano to march against the removal of subsidy under the  immediate past government under the leadership of Dr Goodlcuk Ebelechukwu Jonathan.

Now, that Buhari has advertently seen that there is indeed fuel subsidy, isn’t it prudent for him to retaract his words here on the video and come out to the open in the media and apologise to Nigerians whom he and his cohorts deceived by syaing there was nothing like fuel subsidy? Of course, apaology is very alien in a country like Nigeria, where there is hardly any dignity that warrants remorse for wrongful actions and  contrition  and then restitution.

Buhari’s minister Dr Ibe Kachikwu announcing the removal of subsidy


The politicians hardly find it cogent or persuasive enough to epxress shame, and feel remorse for wrongdoing and publicly retract their wrongful words or mistakes and ask the public for pardon. So, in this case once again, it is going to be business as usual and Nigerians shown the usual contempt reminiscent of our political atmosphere and culture.

So, if one compares the contents of the two videos, then it is very clear that President Buhari deceived his followers then and acted in a very unpatriotic manner. The question is, why did he deny the exisitence of something he knew existed? Also, why did he act in such a very unpatriotic way, when he knew that it was for the interest of Nigerians, as they now tell citizens. Wasn’t the petrol subsidy removal then for the interest of the people or did that change with time?

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