Fake Bomb Placed At Manchester United Stadium At Old Trafford Led To Evacuation And Match Cancellation


A fake bomb which caused 76,000 fans to be evacuated from Old Trafford on Sunday had previously been signed off as “recovered”, according to a club executive.

Ed Woodward said the fake incendiary device was one of 13 which had been signed off as removed last week by a contractor.

Speaking to ITV News, security firm director Chris Reid described himself as “gutted” over the incident.

He added that he was “really sorry” for Bournemouth and United fans who missed the game due to it being abandoned.

         Old Trafford Security Chief with the copy of the device



A security boss revealed a fake “pipe bomb” similar to one accidentally left behind at Old Trafford – causing 76,000 fans to be evacuated on Sunday.

The training aid was one of 14 incendiary devices used by Security Search Management & Solutions during security training last Wednesday.

However, one of the 14 items was accidentally left in a male bathroom.

The firm’s boss, Christopher Reid, displayed a similar “bomb” to the one which caused Manchester United’s final Premier League game to be abandoned.

Mr Reid described the aid as a “mock-up” pipe bomb, eight-inches in length with brass fittings at each end.                     ITV UK

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