Fashion Simplified: How To Dress For Your Body Type

Many people do not know how to dress in order to accentuate the good and downplay the bad whenever they dress up to step out of their house.

Ninety seven percent of our communication is non verbal, which include our dress code, body languge. This means that our dress code does play a great role in our nonverbal communication.

In fact the nonverbal percentage of communication is far more overwhelming than the verbal part of it, which is mere 3%. So, it means that someone would appraise you through your dressing and your body language way before he or she would have the opportunity to exchange verbal communcation with you.

One blazer, two people. On one person, the jacket hugs in all the right places, accentuating the good and downplaying the bad. On the other person, the blazer is a mess, ill-fitting and unflattering.

The problem isn’t the blazer or the wearer. It’s the match.

Whether you are tall or short, heavy or thin, male or female, choosing the right cuts and styles of clothing for your particular body type can make all the difference in looking and feeling good.



• Body type: Widest part of body is hips

• Key: Balance your figure by accentuating your top half.

• What to wear: Off-the-shoulder fit-and-flare dresses, structured jackets, A-line skirts, embellished tops, boot-cut pants


• Body type: Slim lower body with weight carried around midsection

• Key: Highlight your shoulders and legs.

• What to wear: Swing coats, flowy tops, low-rise, straight-leg pants, high-waisted circle skirts, shift dresses


• Body type: Curvy with a thin, defined mid-section

• Key: Emphasize your waist.

• What to wear: Belted jackets, crop tops, pencil skirts, wrap tops and dresses, wide-leg pants with a belt


• Body type: Rectangular with a similar width at shoulders, waist and hips

• Key: Highlight the thinnest part of your waist to make your bust and hips appear larger.

• What to wear: Single-breasted coats, cropped jackets with a banded bottom, ruffled or peplum tops, mini skirts, side cutout dresses, tapered pants



• Body type: Broad shoulders and chest with slightly narrowed hips and waist

• Key: This body type is easy to dress, so have fun and experiment with new trends.

• What to wear: Most everything works, so be creative — fitted, tailored suits, bold colors and patterns, trendy pieces

Inverted triangle

• Body type: Broad shoulders and chest with narrow hips and waist

• Key: Maintain balance by downplaying chest and emphasizing lower body.

• What to wear: V-neck shirts and sweaters, printed or light-colored pants, belts, wide-leg jeans, unstructured double-breasted jackets, untucked shirts


• Body type: Shoulders as wide as waist and hips

• Key: Create the illusion of wider shoulders and a narrower lower torso.

• What to wear: Structured blazers that are padded in the shoulders and narrow in the underarms, layered shirts and sweaters, T-shirts that are fitted in the waist, circular necklines, patterns or embellishments on or across the shoulders, skinny jeans


• Body type: Wider waist and hips than shoulders

• Key: Highlight your upper body.

• What to wear: Single-breasted coats, button-down shirts, structured blazers and jackets, dark colors, padded suit jackets, dark jeans


• Body type: Rounded stomach with narrower shoulders and slim lower legs

• Key: Focus on lengthening the torso and widening your shoulders.

• What to wear: Vertical stripes and pinstripes, full-length pants and long sleeves, detailed prints and textured pieces in dark colors, fitted pants, low-rise jeans, monochromatic colors                                           Partly culled from Las Vegas Sun

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