Buhari Promises To End Poverty Via Creation Of Jobs

It sometimes puts one in aghast when lots of our politicians make public statements which are justifiably not feasible but figment or mere hollow enthusiasm or imagination.

Under this government we have lost at least 2 million jobs due to poor or lack of sound economic policies, and the same government wants to  drive away poverty through creation of jobs? It is simply amazing and heartrending to think how these folks in power reasona and what they take our citizenry for.

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Ibrahim Shuaibu

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his administration would ensure continuous job creation that will end poverty soon in the country.

Buhari noted: “Creating employment is the biggest way to escape poverty.  I will bring all resources to end poverty by creating jobs”.

Declaring open the Katsina economic summit on Tuesday,  Buhari explained that employment is the biggest way to escape poverty.

“Federal government alone cannot deliver the high expectations of the people without the intervention of the private sector.

According to him,  the federal government will partner with any state government that shows bright initiatives like Katsina for the economic revival of the country .

He tasked the private sector to partner with the Federal Government in the industrialisation of the country.

Buhari assured that the private sector has  a bigger role in the quest for industrial development.

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