Fulani Herdsmen Militia: Uzonwani Enugu Massacre In Photos (Viewer’s Discretion Advised)

By Ike A. Offor

With the ongoing anger and fury over the primordial forms of killings in Nimbo village in Uzowani Local government of Enugu state, it has been very essential to exploit the authentic pictures of these senseless incidents to shock our citizenry. Perhaps these pictures could instil some real shock into our people enough to make them rise up and demand from their respective government at all levels in the country to act.

Though many have spoken up against the dereliction on the part of the governments in all strata of our leadership, but we are yet to see protests or demonstrations around the country to demand for stiff actions or penalties for the perpetrators. No arrest has been made and no one is being so far held accountable for those atrocious crimes against humanity in Uzonwani and in Agatu or anywhere else.

These photos  are very nauseating and could trigger uneasiness in the viewer. If it does it is because it is actually meant to do so to help trigger anger in our citizens who have been so pacified over decades of suppressive leadership of all shapes and forms. It is meant to get you angry and make you feel uneasy or make you nauseous.

Enugumassacrephotos1As you could see these are humans loaded up in a truck as slaughtered cows.


Mere look at the fatal wounds one could see that they are actually caused by machete used by these Fulani herdsmen militia on their victims. It is savagery in all corrugation.


Enugumassacrephotos6The little hapless  boy seen crying beckoning on his dead father to stand up. It is heartrending that he is unaware that his father is actually dead and gone

EnugumassacrephotosAs one could see here, this person is still alive but must be in excruciating pain with severed for limb and lacerated throat. He is in the hospital recieving medical attaention

Enugumassacrephotos9This victim cheek has been sliced open with a sharp dagger or knife in a very craftman like manner.


Enugumassacrephotos7This victim is battered by his Fulani herdsmen assailants with machete, his throat was slit open and a big gash on his chest


Enugumassacrephotos4Victims of Fulani herdsmen militia attack receiving emergency treatment in the hospital

Enugumassacrephotos5                          Littered dead bodies of victims of Fulani herdsmen attack.

Like it was mentioned above, the intention is to shock, anger, dishearten the citizenry make them call for justice for these innocent victims. We want to see demonstrations, protests of all sorts calling for justice and end to dereliction on the side of our various government and security forces in Nigeria.

The same security forces, who failed to protect these victims, were readily available and fatally shot at unarmed Biafran protesters. One would ask where were they when these Fulani herdsmen consistently with notice attack these men, women, children, and gruesomely murder them with impunity.

Remember none of these Fulani herdsmen has ever been brought to justice, and the current president Mohammadu Buhari has in the past defended them against a sitting governor of Oyo state, Gov. Rashidi Lado. Before that very governor Buhari called the Fulani herdsmen, his people and querried the governor on why he should arrest and detain them for crimes and stop their cattle from grazing on people’s farms in his state.

Many have recently querried the inaction and muteness on the part of the president and many have concluded that he is part of them and so does not see reasons to deal with them according to the law of the land. Perhaps, this is the single reason for the impunity for the Fulani herdsmen who have incessantly attacked their innocent victims across the states in the country. They have raped, killed, and set several houses ablaze. And they have destroyed several tonnes of farm crops across the country. They leave wanton destruction behind wherever they venture into and they leave wailings, dead bodies, anguish and very traumatised  inhabitants of communities behind.

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