Fresh Fulani Herdsmen Attacks In Ugwuomu Village In Enugu

By Ike A. Offor


A fresh unprovoked attack by Fulani herdsmen took place yesterday in a village  called  Ugwuomu in Enugu. The video clearly shows a very dazed man expressing his shock in Igbo asking, ” is there a conflict, or is there a war going on”?

According to the account by the victim, he was pecking woods in the forest when he had a sharp machete attack behind his back as he bent down to peck his woods.

The man who filmed his ordeal was begging the motorcyclist to take him to Emene hospital for him to be given some medical attention.

It could clearly be seen that the man was disorientated and drenched with  his blood and could not find reason for such unprovoked attack by his assailants. He asked several times in Igbo, “is there any conflict or war”, meaning why was he attacked in such unprovoked manner by the Fulani herdsmen?


As the news of his attack broke out in his village, it could be seen that they village mothers panicked and started to leave their villages with few belongings and their children, to avoid being attacked.

It was reported that they villagers ran to a nearby Church in Ugwuomu village for help and protection.



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