Oba Erediauwa Passing And The Prophesy by Prophet Olagunju

By Ike A. Offor

The Republican News has been taking time to review and follow as they manifest the prophecies by the same prophet who accurately predicted the electoral victory of President Buhari, when others got it completely wrong.
oba-of-benin-new-e1441974253643Prophet  Wale Olagunju in his prophecies said the following

1. It will take the greatest miracle of the century for the current Senate President Bukola Saraki to complete his term as Nigeria’s Senate President.


5. Nigerians should pray for Oba of Benin and the
Olubadan of Ibadan Land.

6. Break-up is imminent in Nigeria. Another generation is coming that will break Nigeria without any war.

7. There is going to be retrenchment in NTA and FRCN.

We have followed his prophecies so closely and another thing he emphaisized so hard was the cases of fire incident, whcih everyone has seen a record high number of fire incidents in both South West and in the North.

Also, there was a mass retrenchment in NTA, FRCN and others recently by President Mohammadu Buhari, which the prophet prophesized about.

Another prophesy is the political fate of the embattled senate president, Dr Saraki, whose political fate and future is right now hanging on a tin thread.

Kurmi market is the latest case of fire  that razed over 900 shop in that market. Over 4000 shops was razed by fire in Sabon Gari market in Kano. Fire also gutted the factory building of Niger Biscuit, the maker of Oxford cabin biscuit. There have been several cases of fire that is innumerbale to detail here. There is a tremendous increase in fire incidents since the beginning of this year.

A closer look at prophesy number 5, one could see that Olubadan  has joined his ancestors, and Oba of Benin Kingdom has just joined his ancestors too.

Though tradition depicts that it is hard to know the precise date of death of Oba of Benin Kingdom due to rigorous rituals involved and the high degree of secrecy  with regards to the death of any Oba.

But the fact is that it was contained in his prophesy and the King has passed on too. We pray for the repose of the Oba Erediauwa of Benin Kingdom. Adieu!

One thought on “Oba Erediauwa Passing And The Prophesy by Prophet Olagunju

  1. B.A Agidi says:

    when Biblical prophets like Elijah, Elisha and sundry were prophesying,they had the unusual solution to those problems, for example, when Elijah saw the only son of that woman dead, he prayed and the Lord restored his liife instantly. However and contrally to Biblical prophets, our stomarch infastructure prophets of this generation consult their Babalawo and marine spirits, only to come to cajole and syphon people of their hard-earned wealth in the name of their demonic prophesies that do not give birth to solution.

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