Buhari Deserves Praise For Frequent Foreign Trips-APC


From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

ALL Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed disappointment that Nigerians condemn, rather than praise President Muhammadu Buhari’s frequent overseas trips.

Speaking through its National Auditor, George Moghalu, the party dismissed the allegation as “most unfair and uncharitable to a man of that age and status.”

APC insisted Buhari has not transformed from his previous austere life to a flamboyant one and insisted that he still remains the same person Nigerians knew in the past.

However, reacting to the allegations insinuations in a chat with Daily  Sun at the headquarters of the ruling party, Moghalu reiterated that Buhari has not abandoned his austere lifestyle.

“What evidence do they have as proof other than speculations in the social media? Why should any responsible person believe everything he sees and reads in the social media?

“This allegation is most unfair and most uncharitable of a man of that age and of that status.

“Everything and every attempt made to smear his image has not been possible because it is not something he is pretending to do but himself.

“He is decent, responsible and incorruptible.

“This is a man that has occupied every office you can consider lucrative  in Nigeria; he has been governor, minister of Petroleum Resources, General Officer Commanding (GOC), chairman of Petroleum Task Force (PTF) when its budget was more than 20 states put together.

“He has been Head of State and Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces yet, he is still modest.

Is it now when he has even grown older and more matured that he will change?” he queried.

The APC chieftain also debunked the negative impression about Buhari’s frequent trips outside the country and strssed that the president rather deserved commendations for traveling frequently at his age.

“The stage where Nigeria was before President Buhari took over was such that he needed to travel. There were situations and cases where he needed a personal touch not about somebody representing him.

“We were practically becoming a pariah state that he needs to be physically there to negotiate.

“He will bring to bear his credibility, his maturity and his status.

“He needs to put it on the table to ensure that the people we are dealing with will take Nigeria more seriously.

“President Buhari needs to travel for the benefit of this country and I commend him that at his age he is sacrificing for the benefit of and love he has for this country,” Moghalu rounded off..                            The Sun


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