Passenger Found Smoking Inside Lagos Bound Flight To Face Prosecution


By Louis Iba

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has said it had arrested and handed over to the Police for prosecution an unruly passenger who resorted to smoking on board an aircraft in disobedience to civil aviation regulation.
The NCAA in a statement said “the passenger (name withheld) was on board a South African Airways 060 from Johannesburg to Lagos was alleged to be smoking on board the aircraft in contravention of Section 58 of the Civil Aviation Act 2006, Part.17.97.2 (a) and (c) of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulation 2012m”
Sam Adurogboye, spokesman for the NCAA said correspondences had been opened between the aviation regulatory agency and the Nigeria Police Force pledging joint collaborate to ensure adequate investigation preceding the prosecution.
“It is important to note that according to the Regulations all airlines should and must as part of pre-flight formalities announce that smoking is prohibited anywhere in the cabin including the toilet,” said the NCAAIN the statement.
“This culprit however, failed to adhere to this warning and therefore; the NCAA will collaborate with the Police to ensure prosecution,” the statement added. The stipulated penalty for smoking on board an aircraft in Nigeria is an imprisonment of not less than two months.
The NCAA said it is committed to following this case to its logical conclusion so that it could serve as a deterrence to others who possess the penchant to flout the non-smoking regulations.
It also said it’s Directorate of Consumer Protection (DCP) has been strengthened to ensure passengers get full value for their money and comfort. The Sun

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