Buhari Unable To Comprehend The Word ‘Inclusive’, Turns To Ask For Help With Question Asked


This is a very revealing and demeaning video of President Mohammadu Buhari and his educational background and his command of simple English words. As it could be seen in this video shot in United States during his visit there in Washington DC, where the president held a press conference.

It was interesting to have a microcosmic picture of his English vocabulary, as one participant, a female American, posed a question at the president. In her question about the Niger-delta region, she enquired how the president could work to see that there is an inclusive development.

What happened next will shock you with regards to the president’s reaction. It was very clear that the president couldn’t comprehend the question, and one word in particluar as you could hear him in an inarticulate soft speech or mutter to the man by his side.

In the video, it could be seen that the president having been ‘lost in translation’, turned to this man for help to understand the question and the very word you could even hear the president ask for its meaning  was “inclusive”.

The impromptu interpreter even chuckled after he embrassinglying  helped the president grasp the question and the word ‘inclusive’.  One could only wonder what was going on in his mind about the man sitting beside him, who is the president of the world most populous African country.

If this is not shocking to any Nigerian, it should be shocking to an average Nigerian, who is somewhat educated. Let’s remind ourselves that we are classified as an English speaking country, and  it is shocking to see that our number citizen could not understand simple English word “inclusive”.

Another shocking part of the story is his entire response to the question when he finally got helped by the impromptu interpreter. This is also the video of the interview that gave rise to the 5% and 95% votes issue. The quesion is “how did we get here”? Enjoy the video.


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