Alleged Death Of Fulani Herdsmen in Abia: Group Threatens To Drag IPOB To ICC

Who does this man Samson Babalola work for? It will be interesting to see where he dragged the Fulani herdsmen to ICC since their incessant killings in Agatu and in and around the entire country.

Shouldn’t he have far more evidence to drag these Fulani’s to ICC than one unsubstantiated allegation against IPOB?  Nigeria is indeed a very funny country.


The Conference of Minority Tribes of Nigeria (CMTN), has said it will drag the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague following the alleged killings of some Fulani herdsmen in Abia State.

CMTN Coordinator, Babalola (middle)                                       CMTN Coordinator, Babalola (middle)

The group which condemned the killings of the northerners, described it as a crime against humanity.

Recall that bikerings have followed the allegations by the Department of State Services, DSS, Abuja Headquarters, that members of IPOB killed some Fulani herdsmen in Abia State, and dumped them in gutters.

But this allegation, the separatist group, other groups, as well as the Abia State government, has denied, describing it as a lie from the pit of hell.

In separate press statements, they condemned the DSS, accusing the nation’s secret police of wanting to spark another ethnic pogrom in Nigeria.

However, addressing a press conference on Monday, in Abuja, Secretary General of CMTN, Comrade Samson Babalola said these alleged killings marked a new low in what had been cordial relations between ethnic nationalities in Nigeria that have always accepted each other as family.

He said other ethnic groups strongly condemned government forces when it clamped down on IPOB’ protests and had even planned sympathy marches in support of IPOB and its leaders that are being detained.

Babalola said, “However, by killing these innocent people, whose only offence is possibly that they were of a different ethnic stock from IPOB, these separatists have proven that they do not deserve and must never get the backing of other tribes and ethnic nationalities in the country.”

He warned that if not urgently tackled, the new dimension may lead to the Rwanda Genocide of 1990, in which members of one ethnic group tried to wipe out the other.

He said further, “it is also not too early to begin to monitor the online activities of IPOB members that are carrying out their own brand of radicalisation. They work hard to build public anger against anything Nigerian online making it difficult for their moderate sympathisers to contribute to national discourse without coming under threats. This has greatly shrunken the space for intellectual discourse and actively endorsed promotion of violence against the state as a precondition for being considered loyal to IPOB ideals.”

He explained that there are rules internationally set out for pursuing self-determination and this is the only acceptable option for those with the intellectual bend of mind as the murderous campaign of the paid killers running IPOB violates every known norm.

He said, “the Conference of Minority Tribes will drag those named by the DSS in these killings before the ICC. We had earlier condemned in totality the incessant herders clash with farmers which Nigerians can attest to and the principle of justice and fairness demands that every Nigerian should speak up when there is any perceived injustice in the land.

“This is an unbearable narrative that must be condemned by all irrespective of tribal or ethnic affiliations. It is a matter of time before IPOB separatists turn on the rest of us if we remain silent on this matter. As for those sponsoring this national blight called IPOB, it is not too late to return to the path of national integration.” Vanguard

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  1. The Conference of Minority Tribes of Nigeria (CMTN) allegedly headed by one Yoruba sounding name Samson Babalola, had fallen short of listing which ethnic minorities in Nigeria that is under his representation or rather he is protecting their interest. But an outright point of correction to Mr. Babalola is that the Fulani Caliphate in Nigeria is not a minority Tribe. I have always maintained that one of the most difficult things in life is to lye or rather to fabricate things, because one ends up being consistent in inconsistency which in turn exposes his or her incompetence. According to Mr. Babalola himself the DSS knows the details of the killing and the shallow Grave in Abia to the extent that they could mention some names of People who allegedly were involved in the killings whom Mr. Babalola intend to drag to Hague. I seriously praise the meticulousness of the DSS here. But that exactly raises the serious question of their competence on the other hand. Singling out the Shiite Massacre among other atrocities committed under the watch of the present government and their Security forces for example, If the same Nigeria Security forces including the DSS that has consistently denied the massacre of over 300 Shiite which we are now learning were allegedly buried in a mass grave in Kaduna, but was never discovered by the DSS or any other Security Agency could meticulously discover a shallow Grave in Abia allegedly containing a few supposedly Killed Fulanis herdsmen, with all the details Mr Babalola enumerated. It raises some serious questions about the DSS, 1. Is there something wrong with their investigative competence in the Shiite massacre? 2. Could they have probably known more than they admitted in the Shiite Massacre ? 3. Were they sectarian in their investigation in the Shiite Massacre? Whichever way the answer goes something is definitely wrong.
    Haven said that, killing of fellow human being remains the gravest offense of all Society and has nothing to look for in our society in the 21st Century. It is for this reason that there is a Government in place to checkmate human excesses hoping that the same government which one seriously doubts in the case of Nigeria government of the day does not turn to excesses themselves. Interestingly Mr Babalola admits that the Nigerian Government is already on investigation in this case, be it genuine or fabricated. The simple fact Mr. Babalola should have known is that ICC has its Mandate in such cases where the Government of the Land is not doing anything like the Massacre of the Shiite , the Agatu Incident the shooting down in open daylight of peaceful demonstrators by the same Government that should protect lives and property of its citizens etc.
    But on a more serious note to Mr Babalola over his statement “He warned that if not urgently tackled, the new dimension may lead to the Rwanda Genocide of 1990, in which members of one ethnic group tried to wipe out the other”. Should there be any form of Orchestrated genocide in Nigeria, he Mr Babalola would be directly held responsible for this well conspired inciting Statement. We are watching.

    • Brilliant indeed. I made the same observation concerning those he represents, since the Fulani tribe is not a minority group. His personal hate of the Igbos is what is driving him to jump into conclusion and make threats. The killings have been linked to kidnappers and not to any Biafran group.

  2. CLIFF O UDEALA says:

    There is nothing ‘comrade’ in Samson Babalola but a criminal, an impostor and impersonator with his so called CTMN. Somebody must educate him about the meaning of the word minority before himself and his group start classifying Hausafulani, Igbos or his Yoruba tribes as minorities in a nation with over 250 ethnic groups with diverse languages. Where have Samson Babalola and his group been during the annihilation of the Berons, Jokuns, Gwaris,Tivs, Domas,Itshekiris, Binis, the people of Southern Kaduna, or even his ethnic Yorubas in Ondo, Ekiti and Lagos and most recently the Agatus? Is Babalola Samson not aware that fulani herdsmen have killed over 20 Igbos in their farm lands and ravaged their crops worth over a billion naira? Since the dss and the government cannot do anything to protect them, should they not protect themselves. I think Samson and his unknown group is dishing out DSS script to justify their incitement for genocide against Igbos. There is no life that is not valuable!

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