Dubai Billionaires And Their Luxury Homes And Toys


The world of the rich and obscene rich or wealthy is nothing but glamour and  opulence. There is no other place in the world to see the rich and the wealthy display their opulence than in the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is one of the seven states and the center of such lavish lifestyle of the the very rich and wealthy personalities.

In this documentary, you could enjoy the display of wealth and riches found in abundance in Dubai. Dubai, just like other seven sates that make up United Arab Emirates, where about 25 years ago mere sandy deserts.

But, within 20 years  they have been transformed from sandy deserts into metropolitan skycrapper-studded  mega cities. The same oil that has been dubbed a curse to Nigeria, is an abundant blessing to the UAE.

Dubai now has the tallest building in the world. It is now building the biggest amusement park the world has ever seen or known, which will feature all  world famous monuments. The amusement park will be the size of Birmingham, the second biggest city in United Kingdom.

This means that visitors would go from one place to another  with taxis or public transport. Just imagine how much tourists such park would attract, and how much reveune Duabi could reck in from such park alone. It is amazing to see how this desert transformed into this marvelous and opulent state.

We will not bore you with the niceties of words but go ahead and enjoy the video.


Courtesy of ITV and Pierce Morgan, the narrator

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