A 21-yr-old Nigerian In London Buys Brand New Rolls Royce For Mum

By Ike A. Offor


This young man, Elijah Oyefeso, who made news few motnhs ago when he appeared in a  Television documentary about how he dropped out of the university to pursue his dream in stock and binary options trading  business. The 21-year-old Elijah Oyefeso, British-born- Nigerian of Yoruba extraction has been the envy of his peers since he came to limelight.

Elijah Oyefeso is undoubtedly a very ambitious young man and a Stock and Binary Options trader, who loves to live large as much as he makes large amount of money on daily basis. He has appeared in TV documentary in Channel 4 TV in London. Not every young man could drop out of univeristy to pursue their dream unless they are sure of what they are going to achieve.

It is reported that he makes in a bad month £34,000 but makes as much as £80,000 on a good month and he only work for one hour from his own home. He said that he has made a maximum of £7500 in a day, which is a month salary of an executive in Europe. So, what an executive makes in one month he makes in one day, by just working for one hour in a day  in his own house.

Here in this video, Elijah after recording such success in his life, didn’t forget his family but took time out to spoil his Nigerian mum. He bought her a brand new Rolls Royce, a car millions will only dream of but will never get in their life time.


Elijah Oyefeso is a young ambitous trader from London, who after his earlier success founded  a company DCT Trading group and mentors a lot of people in stock trading. True evidence that hard work pays off.

Elijah shows us that you can achieve almost anything you want, even at a young age if you work hard. To get into touch with him you can visit his company website and perhaps trade with them.

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