A Nation Cries: A Video Of A Nigerian Girl Who Cried Out To Buhari Has Gone Viral


The  video of a Nigerian girl, reportedly of Yoruba extraction, who cried her heart out begging  President Buhari to do something and quit travelling all over the world, while the country is in dire need of sound economic policies that could rescue millions of Nigerians from the pangs of economic hardship, has gone viral.

The President who has been nicknamed the Junketer-in-Chief, mockingly used to replace his constitutional title as the Commander-in-Chief, was dubbed by a website media, Sahara Reporters. Amusingly, the same website media was extremely against the immediate past government of President Goodluck Jonathan, but a staunch supporter of the ex-military dictator’s quest for the post of the president before the election.

The video which has been posted to the social media network has been attracting serious attention of other Nigerians, including foreigners, in the this desperate economic situation pervading the entire country.

The girl, in the video, cried out telling President Mohammadu Buhari to quit his consistent travelling all around the world, which has attracted a lot of criticism from the opposition PDP party and other Nigerians, and concentrate on jobs  at home. The girl, in her opinion, thinks that the problem that Preisdent Buhari is facing in managing the economy is spiritual instead of international, as she put it.

She called on President Buhari, who is now scheduled to visit to China, after returning from a nuclear summit meeting in the United States, to come back home and face the economy of the country. She called out to Buhari to either fix the problem or hand back the seat of office to the immediate past president Dr Goodluck Jonathan.

She also lamented about the cost of food items, and fuel scarcity and  lack of power, which has made her not to sleep because there is no electricity to power her electric fan. She complained of he inflation refering to her inability to buy food , due to increased price of   food items, which were once affordable.

3 thoughts on “A Nation Cries: A Video Of A Nigerian Girl Who Cried Out To Buhari Has Gone Viral

  1. Will this Pharaoh listen,being steeped in his manic desire for false immortality.A leader with a moral burden to discharge the size of his ego,is since passed being enamored of his failings having been goaded into them by sycophancy and hero worship. It is difficult stepping back from the precipe now,when so much expectation was whipped up last year,the political cheques are mature for encashment,alas ,there is no cash in the deposit account of this APC led federal government.Just a bunch of political neophytes governing Nigeria.The results are there to see.What gulls one is the deafening silence of his international guarantors,Britain and America- embarrassed is the word,watching how their totem of uprightness keeps floundering from one misadventure to another.

    • Yours there is undisputably captures the entire narrative of the misnomer known as the messiah or the czar of anti-corruption, who ended up being a bigger mess than anticipated by his cult followers.

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