Imminent Showdown In NASS over Unpaid Salaries


Showdown in NASS over unpaid salaries

From James Ojo, Abuja.

A showdown is imminent between presiding officers and management of the Na­tional Assembly over a three month unpaid salaries of po­litical aides appointed by the officers.

Both the presiding offi­cers and principal officers were permitted by the Rev­enue Mobilization, Fiscal and Allocation Commission (RMFAC) to appoint spe­cific number of aides who were placed on consolidated scale of remuneration.

Since the beginning of the 8th assembly, it was gath­ered that the management had not found it easy paying the salaries of the aides and that of established workers due to paucity of cash flow.

It was confirmed at the weekend that the last time political aides, appointed by the presiding and prin­cipal officers, received their salaries was in December, while those who were given letters of appointment since January were yet to be paid a dime.

What is fueling the crisis, according to a National As­sembly source, was the re­jection of a proposal by the management to the principal officers to reduce the num­bers of aides.

Daily Sun was informed that the proposal could not scale through because of the political backlash of such moves since most of the aides were either nominated nor imposed on the princi­pal officers by political and religion godfathers, friends, schoolmates and family friends, including in-laws.

“Majority of the aides got appointed through godfa­thers, many were imposed, so it will be difficult to go back home to say no more jobs when some had col­lected salaries.

In fact, it is like commit­ting political harakiri,” the source explained.

As at yesterday, it was learnt that the management had came up with another option of opting out of the Consolidated salary scale, which would allow the management to carry out a downward review of sala­ries and emoluments.

“We have been informed that there will be a cut in our salaries, although we have not been issued with a let­ter to back it up, but it is a reality that we will not enjoy the salaries of our predeces­sors, it is that bad but then it is better than nothing,” one of the aides who resumed in January said.

Also, the review is ex­pected to affect the quarterly allowances for transport and training for political aides, the top management re­vealed.

According to him, the management is yet to strike a balance on the number of training sessions that would be organized for the aides as everything is been done to reduce overhead cost.

National Assembly direc­tor of information and pub­lication, Mr Ishaku DIbal, could not be reached on his mobile phones to get the re­actions of the management on the matter. Sun

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