OGONI: UNEP Report, Time Bomb If Wrongly Implemented-Reps candidate


 …Accuses APC of plotting to unseat Wike

From: Tony John, Port Har­court

FORMER Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of As­sembly and candidate of Peo­ples Democratic Party (PDP) National Assembly re-run elec­tion, Dumnamene Dekor, has said that the implementation of the United Nations Environ­mental Programme (UNEP) report by Federal Government, would be a time bomb in Ogo­niland, if wrongly implemented.

Also, Dekor has accused the leadership of the All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) of masterminding the crises in the state, as a plot to unseat Gover­nor Nyesom Wike.

The former lawmaker, who spoke in Port Harcourt, yes­terday, said it was the desire of every Ogoni citizen that the environment should be cleaned, warning that the way the imple­mentation is managed could trigger another round of crisis in the area. He alleged that the APC politicians in Ogoni were the ones politicising the imple­mentation of the UNEP report, stressing that the Ogoni people had suffered a lot as a result of environmental degradation, and deserved a comprehensive clean-up in line with the rec­ommendation contained in the UNEP report.

He accused the politicians of making it appear that the imple­mentation of the UNEP report could not go ahead, if they did not occupy elective offices.

The lawmaker alleged that plot hatched by APC leaders in the state was to cause violence, so that the Federal Government would declare a state of emer­gency and sack the governor.

But, he stated: “Declaration of state of emergency, the Na­tional Assembly is there and it requires two-third majority. But, the truth is this, nothing has hap­pened in Rivers State to deserve emergency.

“Mr. President (Muham­madu Buhari)is the President of Nigeria and represents the inter­est of all Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliation.

What is happening in Rivers State is something they have to retrace their steps

“Democracy is about the people; most of them causing the crisis lack the support of the Rivers people.

They have created a mon­strous posture of themselves outside the state. These people have to realise that the state governor was elected by the people.”

“You see a situation, where the governor makes a broadcast, only for the former governor to make his own broadcast. Such action generates pockets of cri­sis. For a former governor to make a broadcast where there is an incumbent governor is to cause friction in the state.

Dekor, who is seeking re-election into the House of Rep­resentatives for Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency, alleged that the APC knew that the people would vote against its candidates and decided to use the military to intimidate voters.

“Even at that, you saw what happened at the polls. The people voted and protected their votes in the face of intimidation and harassment.

“When you want to lead the people, you don’t impose your­self on them. That is why the APC has to retrace its step. Our brothers in APC must come to terms with the fact that the peo­ple have spoken.”

According to him, the last election would have ended peacefully had the military not targeted PDP supporters for ha­rassment, noting that his agent during the election, was unlaw­fully detained by soldiers, who, he alleged were taking orders from an APC chieftain.

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