Radio Biafra Which Has Always Been On Air Outside Nigeria Is Back On Air In Nigeria


Radio Biafra which has been off the air for some time, is currently streaming live across the Nigerian airwaves without Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Checks by an online medium, TheCable revealed that the station is live on Tune In, an Internet radio airing across the world.

According to the TheCable, “the radio station has hit the airwaves pushing the same message of “freedom of Biafraland” while condemning the happenings in Nigeria, regarded as a Zoo.

Radio Biafra is airing from “30 Sandlings Close, Pilkington Road, London, SE11 3SY England, United Kingdom”.

When TheCable tuned in, the anchor, who was referred to as the new deputy director of the station, was complaining about the state of power and energy resources in the country. After receiving a call from Nigeria to complain that the radio was not being aired via FM in some parts of south east Nigeria, the anchor responded by saying the problem would be resolved.

“There is no problem with our general platform, we would look into it tomorrow. We are not forgetting our leader, Kanu. Lord God almighty, grant our leader protection. Continue to set confusion in the midst of our enemies, grant us total freedom”, he said.

Security agents had earlier arrested suspected masterminds of Radio Biafra, and charging its leader to court for treasonable felony.

The signals were also reportedly jammed after initial failed attempts, but the station is still broadcasting on the world wide web, after months off air.

After it was jammed in 2015, it announced that it had launched another station and promised to launch 50 others.

Both Radio Biafra and Biafra 24 radio were live online as at Friday afternoon, while residents of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, were said to be having difficulties accessing the station via local transmission.

IPOB released a statement earlier in the week to say: “Right now, we are back on shortwave after Nigerian government spent millions of dollars taxpayers money trying to stop Radio Biafra.

“All Biafrans and friends of Biafra can now go to 11600 kHz at 25-meter band to cherish the gospel of truth, Broadcasting time is 8pm London time, 9pm Biafra land time. We are unstoppable because Chukwuka Okike Abiama, Almighty God, is on our side.” Vanguard

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