Incessant Fire Incidents: Prophesy By Prophet Wale Olagunju

By Ike A. Offor

Though we have recounted this case of incessant fire incidents ravaging the country just in less than two weeks ago, we are very much obliged to redo that once again due to several cases of fire that have razed markets across the country in the last few weeks.

But before we proceed, for the benefits of our new readers,  we will recount the predictions from Prophet Wale Olagunju, which he made for 2016 on the new year’s eve. This prophet accurately predicted the vcitory of president Mohammadu Buhari, when all other prophets said otherwise. He also predicted about the break away of Biafra from Nigeria without war.

In his prediction about fire he said these and others we will  number them just like they appeared in his list of predictions. His predictions are written in red just for simple reason of clarity.

5. Nigerians should pray for Oba of Benin and the
Olubadan of Ibadan Land.


Nineteen days , exactly on January 20th, Olubadan of Ibadan passed on. This was when we in The Republican News began to follow his predictions to see if they are actually going to manifest like it did with president Buhari electoral victory and the Olubadan’s death.

7. There is going to be retrenchment in NTA and FRCN.


On February 12, President Buhari  carried out mass sack in NTA, FRCN, VON, NAN, NBC, NOA, retrenching the director generals and others. Those predictions once again caught our attention.




8 pray against fire and motor accidents.


Though we reported these cases of fire previously, we are pushed to come back to it again. This specfic prediction has caught our attention in The Republican News, because it has reached a worrying stage.

There have been so many fire incdents in a short time frame that we couldn’t ignore but revisit this once again. We are not going to recount every cases of fire outbreak around the country but we are going to list some very serious ones in the last one month alone.

Twelve days ago fire razed  some part of Niger Biscuit, the producer of Oxford  biscuit, in Apapa. Two members of staff of the Company who were severely burnt were taken to the hospital.

Six days ago, exactly on 26th March, fire razed 3800 shops in Sabon Gari market in Kano. It was a great lost to many traders in that market.

Today, 1st April,  another fire razed a lot of shops in Gwarzo market, also in Kano state.

A fire outbreak on today, Friday 1st April gutted part of Ranona Nigeria Limited, makers of FreshYo yoghurt, at Iyana Isolo area of Lagos State.

There was also fire outbreak in Gombe state.


9. The ruling APC should be careful so that the race for 2019 Presidential Election will not break it and take Nigeria back to square one. 


On this very prediction is something that has also caught our interest. There has been rumours of rifts in the ruling party, APC lately. Today, the Deputy National Publicity Secratary Mr Timi Frank, told the journalist that there is indeed some rifts in the party. He confirmd that there are now two factions in APC.

He said: “I spoke in Bayelsa (about the impending crisis) but they did not take me seriously. Very soon, it (crisis) will happen at the national level too.

“The party is now divided into two. The issue of the Senate president is still there and the party is not talking. So, there is crisis in the party. We have so much divisions and they are keeping quiet. If care is not taking, we are soon going to lose our popularity as a party.”

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