Gov. El-Rufai Pledges Equal Opportunity To All In Kaduna

KadunaGov. Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna State has pledged to offer quality service to the people irrespective of historical, ethnic or religious orientation.

El-Rufai made the pledge in Kafanchan, shortly after the endorsement of a peace declaration by 29 communities in five local government areas of the state.

The Kafanchan Peace Declaration was at the instance of Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD). “We recognize everyone as a citizen of Kaduna state and in accessing social services, have no regard for his or her historical, ethnic and religious orientation.

“ We as a government are pursuing an investment strategy anchored on our conviction that the private sector is the engine of job creation and growth. “We are investing in human capital so that our people can have the training to pick the jobs the private sector is creating,“ the governor said.

He stressed the belief of the administration that the life, property and well-being of every person living in the state “are not only sacred but a burden of responsibility.

“We will therefore continue to pursue policies that exhibit equal concern for every person living in Kaduna state.

“Policies that unite and integrate our people, educate their children free of charge, provide all affordable healthcare and engender an environment for job creation, gender empowerment and overall societal progress.

“Today is a landmark day for peace. I am delighted to be here to witness and receive the Kafanchan Peace Declaration.

“This declaration is an emphatic statement by our communities in Southern Kaduna of their commitment to peace, and their choice of dialogue and non-violence in resolving differences.” El-Rufai said commended communities and leaders of Sanga, Kachia, Kaura, Zangon Kataf and Jema’a LGAs for “choosing dialogue over blows.“

“I am glad to see 29 ethnic communities headed by 32 chairs from these five LGAs, many of who have been involved in conflict in the past, sitting here as one.” The Governor assured of the state government commitment to end impunity and ensure that perpetrators of ethno-religious violence were prosecuted.

He said government would not allow specialists in hate speech, “who use derogatory words against others, who mobilize division acting in the mistaken belief that their bread is buttered where there is strife and turmoil to go free. “We are opposed to the perpetuation of ‘no-go zones’ in any of our communities, and will instead promote integration in schools and residents. “

He stressed that the government is committed to fairness in promoting investments, jobs and infrastructure across the state.

NAN report, that the Kafanchan peace accord wants the state government to create a body that would promote peace and reconciliation amongst communities and prosecute perpetrators of violence.

“The excerpts recommend that both indigenes and settlers should consider the compensation of all affected persons and to address past wrongs, drawing on the wisdom and expertise of traditional conflicts resolution mechanisms.

“Pubic apology , we represent some of the communities from the five (5) LGAs ,Sanga, Kachia, Kaura, Zangon Kataf and Jema’a cannot in ourselves , deliver reconciliation, “Many of us belong to generation that remembers when Kaduna was a peaceful place in which ethnic and religious communities co-existed peacefully.

“We want to go back to that Kaduna in which there is an end to violent conflicts and issues are resolved amicably.

“To achieve this, we want to be the first to say to each other that we have wronged each other and are sorry for the suffering that each of our communities has contributed to and has suffered from.

“The excerpts from Kafanchan peace declaration further called on the government to develop adequate infrastructures in the existing grazing reserves and reactivate the farmers marketing boards to carter for the needs of farmers.

“Government should take effective security measures in girls’ schools to protect female students from abduction, harm and violence.

“Government should also take specific measure to reduce violence by organizing educational courses and campaigns to raise awareness on sexual violence against women.“

Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau participated at the event, which was supported by the Canadian Government, CAN and JNI. 5 0 0 0      (Vanguard)

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