Revisiting The Prophetic Predictions By Proph. Olagunju: Pray Against Fire, Accidents, Deaths Of Prominent Nigerians

By Ike A. Offor

We in The Republican News have made it our goal to revisit from time to time  on predictions from the prophet that accurately predicted the electoral victory of  the current president Buhari. The prophet gave lots of predictions, and we have been following it closely to see how accurate they could become, and surprisingly it is getting scary as we do so.

The prophesies are in red as they appeared from his predictions and against their numbers as they came.

He said that Nigerians should pray against fire, and accidents in his  prophetic prediction of 2016, and to our shock, there have been serious incidents of fire  and accidents.


8. Nigerians should commence serious prayer now to forestall death of prominent emirs, obas and some eminent Nigerians in 2016. Nigerians should also

pray against fire and motor accidents.


In less than  three days there have been three serious and big cases of fire incidents in Lagos. First was the fire that happened in Apapa.  Few days ago the factory building of Niger Biscuit, the compnay that makes Oxford Biscuits was engulfed in flame and claimed few casualities.

Before that, there were few other cases. There were also few cases in Kano Market.

Yesterday, the Mammy Market in the Navy town was razed to the ground by fire. There were many other cases of fire outbreaks that razed markets around Lagos and Kano this year alone.

Motor accidents, it is not anything hard for everyone in Nigeria to notice that within few weeks Nigeria has lost very prominient people through road accidents. The first that worth mentioniong is  Hon. Minister of State for Labour and Productivity  James Ocholi in a ghastly motor accident who died with his wife and a son.

Within the next two days came the case of the army general Chief of Training and Operations Major General Yusha’u Mahmood Abubakar, was said to have died in a road accident.
The crash reportedly occurred along Maiduguri-Damaturu Road on Tuesday.
Abubakar was a former Commander of the major theatre operation against Boko Haram insurgents, tagged Operation Lafiya Dole.
The Acting General Officer Commanding 3 Division Nigerian Army, Brigadier General MSA Aliyu who was also involved in the accident was injured.

28. There is going to be worldwide plane crash in 2016.


This specific prediction caught my attention recently because there has been very unusual cases of airplanes crashes.

19 March 2016; flydubai 737-800; A6-FDN; flight FZ981; Rostov-on-Don, Russia: The aircraft was on a scheduled international flight from Dubai, UAE to Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The aircraft aborted its first landing approach, and entered a holding pattern for roughly an hour before its second attempt. During the second landing attempt, the crew indicated that they planed to execute a go-around procedure, the aircraft then entered a steep descent, and then crashed on the edge of the runway. All seven crew members or 55 passengers were killed.

24 February 2016; Tara Air; DHC-6 Twin Otter 400Twin Otter; 9N-AHH; flight 193, Dana, Nepal: The aircraft was on a domestic scheduled flight from Pokhara to Jomsom Airport and crashed while en route to its destination. All three crew members and 20 passengers were killed

There have been other serious cases of plane crashes within this year alone. Some of them involved civilian airplanes and military plane crashes within United States, and others in  Russia and other countries. We cannot table all cases in details here now.


43. God revealed that the Peoples Democratic Party
will bounce back in a big way before 2019 General
Election as those members who defected to the
APC will go back to their original home.


It could be easily observed that the elections so far around the country  are no longer going in the favour of APC. It is either the people are beginning to see that APC has little or nothing to offer to the people or PDP is simply coming back. Both  are one and the same thing.


49. As revealed to me now by God Almighty, Biafra
nation is real and those behind it have accomplished
70 per cent of their dream. God warns that Buhari
should be careful about their agitation because the
unity of Nigeria is imbalance.


Again, the issue of Biafra is a very contentious one indeed. Nigerians are very emotional about it whenever it is mentioned, for reasons that are well known to whichever camp you are addressing.

Biafra has been now on the lips of every discussion around the world. Even head of states have lately beginning to bring up the case of Biafra. Pope Francis recently spoke to them as as a people and advised them to be patient. He didn’t advise them to forget about seeking their freedom for their homeland but to be patient.  Universities around the world are now discussiing about Biafra. Oxford University discussed about Biafra this month in an academic exposé

Articles about Biafra is now a hot topic to read and discuss irrespective of your side of the divide. The United States Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria, recently had a meeting with IPOB and went to the scene of the unwarranted killing of the IPOB members in Aba by the brutal security forces of the Nigerian government. United States Congressmen have now scheduled a meeting with IPOB and MASSOB, of which they have put forward names of Biafran elders who would represent them in the meeting.

We must pay proper attention to the fact that United States has started having meetings with IPOB and MASSOB, as something very serious and damaging to the unity of Nigeria. Once these meetings begin to take place, and a case is properly presented to justify the need for them to have their own state. It is all over for Nigeria with Biafra in it. United States do not get involved in these issues unless they have serious reasons and fatcs to get involved, and once they are involved, they will push it until a tangible result is achieved


49. As revealed to me now by God Almighty, Biafra
nation is real and those behind it have accomplished
70 per cent of their dream. God warns that Buhari
should be careful about their agitation because the
unity of Nigeria is imbalance


This is another prediction that is still not plausible to an average Nigerian who is still being convinced that Nigeria is going to be one and it is one Nigeria forever, as some quarters claim it.

But it will be shocking to some of them to notice that this prediction here is the most damaging of it all to the unity of Nigeria. One, a lot have been done to make Biafra a separate state or country.  The prophet predicted this one too. The case of Biafra is something that is being fought without weapons and ammunitions, and one should say that it is even beyond the comprehension of the present admnistration until it manifests before their eyes. Anybody who doubts this article should archive it and use it as a proof.


6. Break-up is imminent in Nigeria. Another generation is coming that will break Nigeria without any war


The only problem is that this president is handling the case of Biafra with too much sentiment that is not at all necessary. And that is going to be his mistake to help Biafra manifest. It is either the gods are using him without his knowledge or something else is behind it.

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