BREAKING NEWS: Two Terrorist Explosions Rock The Brussels International Airport

There have been two explosions rocking the international airport in Zaventen  in Brussels, Belgium, and one explosion in the underground metro station in the heart of Brussels.

The close sources told  The Republican News reporters that reportedly two explosions rocked the departure lounge of the airport. It is reported that 35 people were reportedly dead and over 35 people injured.  One of the explosions were from a suicide bomber, who blew himself up.

There was also another bomb explosion in the Maelbeek Subway in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. This is an underground train or metro station in the heart of Brussels. All subway services have been grounded for fear of further attacks.

This subway station is just right below European Union buildings. Some EU workers reported that their building shook immediately after they heard the explosion.

It was about three days ago when the terrorist mastermind in the attack in Paris, France, Mr Salah Abdelslam was shot and arrested here in Brussels, Belgium. It appears the terrorist  cell affliated to him panicked and staged this attack.


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